How to become a vegetarian the easy way

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how to become a vegetarian the easy way

The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide to a Healthy Vegetarian Diet by Vesanto Melina

The perfect book for those who want to switch to a vegetarian diet or for those who want to cut down on animal produce. The book has a very straight forward method of explaining Why and How to become a vegetarian. There are alot of myths regarding the conversion to a vegetarian diet ( that you do not get enough protein, you can only get vitamin B12 from animals etc) which the author dismantles with great conviction.

The book doesn,t stop there. Switching your diet not only effects you, but also people around you. If you have trouble convincing others why you are a vegetarian or just dont know what to do when confronted by a carnivore then there is a specific chapter Vegetarian Diplomacy for you. When you change your diet its often harder for others to accept your change than it is for you. Becoming a vegetarian is not hard, its easy.

I highly recommend this book its for lack of a better word, a vegetarian bible.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Vegetarian

Veg culture is becoming more and more mainstream, and while this could possibly be just a passing trend as a direct result of the rising popularity of plant-based bloggers and gone-viral documentaries, there are so many health benefits to swapping animal meat for whole foods. If you've been mulling over how to become a vegetarian after eating like a born and bred carnivore for the past 20 or so years, it's easier than it looks. The first step to making the transition from meat to plant-eater is to understand why this could be the right decision for your body's well-being. The next step is to commit. Now, not everyone can go veg cold-turkey no pun intended , and that's OK! One of the coolest things I've found through my transition from a carnivorous to a plant-based diet is that if you're struggling or find yourself craving animal meat, there are so many options.

A beginner's guide to adopting a vegetarian eating style. Start with small steps. Add more grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits to your diet, and start eliminating meat from one or two meals a week or leave meat out of one meal every day. Adapt family-favorite recipes with meat-free products such as soy crumbles or veggie sausage. Explore global cuisines , particularly those in which vegetarian dishes are standard fare such as African, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Middle Eastern, and Thai. Read labels carefully to search for "hidden" animal-derived ingredients, like rennet, gelatin, or gum base.

Diet fads come and go. However, after a few years, all the diets seem to give way to a shiny new option, such as eating gluten-free. Yet there is one diet that has remained popular for several decades that offers health benefits and a minimal impact on the earth: vegetarianism. A study concluded that about 3. That means over 5 percent of the population has expressed interest in a vegetarian diet but have yet to try to eliminate meat products. Why is there such a disparity in people who are interested in becoming vegetarian and those who actually do it?

How to Become a Vegetarian, the Easy Way. While being a vegetarian isn't for everyone (and neither is Pamela Anderson), I talk to lots of.
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But becoming a vegetarian, for me and for many others, is the easiest thing in the world. Why Become Vegetarian?

It's understandable why many people give up meat in an effort to improve their health. Studies show that vegetarians tend to have lower rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease , and high blood pressure, and may even live longer. But earning your healthy living badge isn't as simple as ditching burgers and chicken tenders. Adhering to a vegetarian diet that's actually wholesome and doesn't put you at risk for illness or a nutrient deficiency requires meal planning and a bit of research—in the beginning, at least. Want to pick up some healthier habits? Sign up to get healthy living tips, weight loss inspiration, slimming recipes, and more delivered straight to your inbox! But don't let this discourage you.

People become vegetarians for many reasons, including health, religious convictions, concerns about animal welfare or the use of antibiotics and hormones in livestock, or a desire to eat in a way that avoids excessive use of environmental resources. Some people follow a largely vegetarian diet because they can't afford to eat meat. Becoming a vegetarian has become more appealing and accessible, thanks to the year-round availability of fresh produce, more vegetarian dining options, and the growing culinary influence of cultures with largely plant-based diets. Approximately six to eight million adults in the United States eat no meat, fish, or poultry, according to a Harris Interactive poll commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group, a nonprofit organization that disseminates information about vegetarianism. Several million more have eliminated red meat but still eat chicken or fish.

People choose a vegetarian diet for many reasons. For some people, eating vegetarian is a way to be healthier or to avoid hormones used in animal foods. For others, eating this way has more to do with religion, animal rights, or environmental concerns. This category of eaters can be further divided by what animal products you choose to include in your diet:. People following this diet eat mostly plant-based foods but may occasionally include meat, dairy, eggs, poultry, and fish in small amounts. Vegetarians may be up to one-third less likely to die or be hospitalized for heart disease.

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