How long has gucci been around

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how long has gucci been around

In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir by Patricia Gucci

The gripping family drama--and never-before-told love story--surrounding the rise and fall of the late Aldo Gucci, the man responsible for making the legendary fashion label the powerhouse it is today, as told by his daughter.

Patricia Gucci was born a secret: the lovechild whose birth could have spelled ruination for her father, Aldo Gucci. It was the early 1960s, the halcyon days for Gucci--the must-have brand of Hollywood and royalty--but also a time when having a child out of wedlock was illegal in Italy. Aldo couldnt afford a public scandal, nor could he resist his feelings for Patricias mother, Bruna, the paramour he met when she worked in the first Gucci store in Rome. To avoid controversy, he sent Bruna to London after she became pregnant, and then discretely whisked her back to Rome with her newborn hidden from the Italian authorities, the media, and the Gucci family.

In the Name of Gucci charts the untold love story of Patricias parents, relying on the authors own memories, a collection of love letters and interviews with her mother, as well as an archive of previously unseen photos. She interweaves her parents tempestuous narrative with that of her own relationship with her father--from an isolated little girl who lived in the shadows for the best part of a decade through her rise as Guccis spokesperson and Aldos youngest prot?g?, to the moment when Aldos three sons were shunned after betraying him in a notorious coup and Patricia--once considered a guilty secret--was made his sole universal heir. It is an epic tale of love and loss, treason and loyalty, sweeping across Italy, England and America during the most tumultuous period of Guccis sixty years as a family business.
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Charting the Evolution of Gucci

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When the name Gucci comes to mind, most fashionphiles conjure the image of excess that Alessandro Michele has dreamed up in the last few years. But long before marquee designers were running the show at Gucci, the fashion house got its start as a humble leather shop. Born on March 26, to a simple Italian leather goods maker, Guccio Gucci was a porter at the Savoy hotel in London when he first became enamored with the glamorous suitcases that the guests arrived with from all over the globe.

F rida Giannini, 39, has recently begun to collect Modiglianis. But still. You don't get to be in the financial position that enables you to start a collection of Modiglianis before your 40th birthday unless you are a serious player. Giannini, who has been the creative director of Gucci for six years, is almost unknown outside the fashion industry, but within it she is a formidable force, having steered a post-Tom Ford Gucci from disarray into pole position in the industry. You don't achieve that simply by designing cute handbags.

Gucci runway for Milan Fashion Week, model carries replica of her own head, sourced from Style magazine. Symbol of Made in Italy in the world, Gucci is one of the most appreciated and well-known fashion houses in our imagination, and has always held a prominent place when it comes to style and class. Gucci bag collection from , image sourced from Vogue Italia website. Not long after, Gucci opened its first stores on Via Condotti in Rome and soon its classy fashion conquered the United States of America, opening its first boutique in New York and becoming a real symbol in the American jet set. Rodolfo is the son of Guccio Gucci, making himself known to Actresses of caliber from the likes of Audrey Hepburn and style icon Jackie Kennedy. Gucci campaign featuring Grace Kelly in Flora Scarf, alongside her granddaughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, who poses with the new design. Sourced from Daily Mail UK.

Guccio Gucci was born in in Florence, Italy. He opened the first Gucci shop in and became known for quality leathergoods and fine craftsmanship. His four sons also joined the Gucci firm. In , the year Guccio Gucci died, they opened their fir. He opened his first shop in Florence in , becoming known for his leather craftsmanship and accessories.

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  1. Gucci is an Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods. Gucci was founded by Guccio . There were seventy-six Gucci stores around the world in , along with numerous licensing agreements. . Journalists that Gucci was aware it irregularly employed Chinese workers who worked as long as 14 hours a day.

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