How to practice piano while traveling

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how to practice piano while traveling

Piano Quotes (118 quotes)

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Published 29.03.2019

How To Practice Piano To Get Results FAST

How to practice away from the piano

Find the perfect piano room in your area and learn more about location, equipment, cost and instrument quality. Whether you require a room for practice and rehearsals, music lessons, workshops or student recitals: There is a piano room for every occasion at PianoMe. You own a piano and a appropriate space that can be used by other musicians for practice or rehearsals? With PianoMe I can easily book a room with a good piano whenever it suits my schedule and my mood. Not only is this much cheaper than buying a new instrument, but it also gives me the opportunity to try out piano playing completely risk-free. If I am traveling to other cities, I can be assured that I will always find a practice room with a good grand piano. I can also flexibly rent a room and hold music lessons for my students.

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After Countless Hours of Practice, Why Are Performances Still so Hit or Miss?

When I was young, I played the piano. I was ok at it, did plenty of recitals and learned enough over 5 years to be able to still do some sight-reading even now. My middle daughter, who is 10 now, is quickly surpassing my skills, although for a while, I was able to sight-read some of her pieces so that I could help her. But she is much better than I am now. My daughter is sort of a fly-by piano player.

By Tim Topham Deliberate Practice. In an attempt to keep my teaching current and to learn from what the masters did in the past and consider how this affects modern playing and teaching, I am forever reading articles and books by noted pianists and teachers. Not only was it surprisingly successful, I have started to use this skill on a daily basis. No wonder everyone has been talking about it! My focus this holiday was the third method using a score, but visualising the piano in my mind. Until then, I had made no conscious decision to memorise it as I start learning new music straight from the score.

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