Why isn t there a 13th floor

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why isn t there a 13th floor

The 13th Floor: A Ghost Story by Sid Fleischman

When Buddy Stebbins stumbles onto the thirteenth floor of a shabby old building, he finds himself suddenly transported aboard a leaking pirate ship in a howling storm—three hundred years in the past! Cast adrift with Captain John Crack-stone, Buddy washes up in New England, where his plucky ancestor, Abigail, is caught up in the witchcraft mania. In an adventure filled with ghosts, witches, pirates, and razzle-dazzle treasure, Buddy might be able to save his wayward ancestors. But will he find his way back to the thirteenth floor—and home?
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The Thirteenth Floor - The Truth Scene

The thirteenth floor is a designation of a level of a multi-level building that is often omitted in countries where the number 13 is considered unlucky. Reasons for omitting a thirteenth floor include triskaidekaphobia on the part of the building's owner or builder, or a desire by the building owner or landlord to prevent problems that may arise with superstitious tenants, occupants, or customers. This practice became commonplace, and eventually found its way into American mainstream culture and building design.
Sid Fleischman

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Is your hotel 13th floor missing? Some hotels skip the number 13 and go straight to 14 when numbering floors. This is true for other tall buildings as well. It is because of the disorder triskaidekaphobia and a general dislike of or superstition regarding the number This practice and some of the beliefs surrounding it have been around since architects have been capable of adding that many floors to a building. Triskaidekaphobia is a severe fear of the number

As humans, we tend to ascribe great meaning to numbers. Exhibit A: How many times, as a kid, did you make a wish at ? In nearly every culture, the number 13 is an ominous symbol —one that is steeped in centuries of superstition. As the story goes, Judas, the 13th person placed at the table, ended up being the one apostle who betrayed Jesus in the end, so many began to relate Judas with the unlucky number. On that date, King Philip IV of France ordered the bloody torture and killing of the Knights Templar, a revered group made up of the most skilled group of fighters during the era. Think of them as The Avengers of the 13th and 14th centuries. And imagine, for a second, what the reaction would be today if Iron Man and company actually got Thanos-ed out of existence.

If you ever find yourself in a confused and dazed state in an elevator because you couldn't find the number 13 button, don't worry, you are not the first one to face the horrific dilemma. And there's a good chance that you won't be able to find the same in other hotels too! It's way too common for hotels to not have the 13th floor and is a popular practice in the United States. While this may sound a bit drastic and out-of-mind measure taken by the hoteliers, there's more behind the curtain of reasons than you can imagine. So, tighten your seat-belts and get ready for a spookish-ride to the origin of number 13th. After decoding it for the hotels, we'll talk about some of the reasons why this superstition is so popular.

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In some countries, as it is here in the United States, the number 13 is considered unlucky and building owners will sometimes purposefully omit a floor numbered Even building owners who are not themselves superstitious realize that the desirability of units on the 13th floor might be compromised because of superstitious tenants, or commercial tenants who worry about losing superstitious customers., Forgot Password?


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  1. The thirteenth floor is a designation of a level of a multi-level building that is often omitted in 13th floor, or fearing tenants' superstitions about the rumor, decided to omit having a 13th floor listed on their elevator numbering. . v · t · e · Superstition. Main topics. Amulet · Evil eye · Luck · Omen · Talismans · Myth and ritual.

  2. Experience the world famous 13th Floor Haunted House, San Antonio's legendary that 85% of the buildings with their elevators do not have a named 13th floor. to just leave this mystery alone, brush it under the rug, and don't talk about it.

  3. How could this legend about the unluckiness of the number 13 pervade even the hospitality industry?

  4. Ever noticed that most hotels don't have a 13th floor? To wit, Friday the 13th gets a bad rap as an unlucky day, but there are also folks who.

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