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vampire knight yuki zero kaname

Vampire Knight, Vol. 13 - who should be with yuki.? Zero or kaname.? Showing 1-22 of 22

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Vampire Knight Chapter 93: End

This page is about the relationship between the three main characters of Vampire Knight: Kaname Kuran, Yuki Kuran, and Zero Kiryu. Yuki has love for both.

Vampire Knight Zero and Yuki Wallpapers

The episodes of the Vampire Knight anime adaptation is based on the manga series of the same name written by Matsuri Hino. The plot of the episodes follows Yuki Cross , a student at the Cross Academy, where she acts as a guardian of the "Day Class" along with vampire hunter Zero Kiryu from the secret vampires of the "Night Class" led by Kaname Kuran. The first season premiered on TV Tokyo in Japan on April 7, , and ran for thirteen episodes until the season's conclusion on June 30, The second season, named Vampire Knight Guilty , premiered on the same station on October 6, and ran until its conclusion on December 29, The series is licensed by Viz Media , who is streaming episodes of their Viz Anime website and broadcasting dubbed episodes on their online network, Neon Alley.

Kaname and Zero have a fundamental antagonism towards each other because they are inherently archenemies. Kaname occasionally expresses a little jealousy over Yuki's attachment to Zero in front of Yuki. Yuki has loved Kaname ever since she was a child during her human life because he was her first memory when he saved her from a Level E Vampire during a blizzard. When it was discovered that she was a Pureblood Vampire , it is also revealed that Kaname is her older brother and that they had pledged to marry each other to be like their parents, who were also siblings. Currently, she is his fiancee.

The Love Triangle

This page is for the relationship between Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryu. Throughout arc one, Zero and Kaname have had an antagonistic relationship, allies only for the sake of Yuki Kuran. This relationship does not seem to improve much as the story moves into arc two. Zero Kiryu possesses complete distrust of Kaname Kuran 's motives, even going so far as to beg Kaien Cross not to trust him. At their first meeting, Zero attempts to stab him upon sensing that Kaname is a Pureblood vampire. Part of their mutual dislike of one another stems from their shared feelings for Yuki, with Zero becoming jealous of Yuki's affection for Kaname almost immediately, and Kaname's jealousy of Zero following soon after upon witnessing Yuki's concern over Zero.

They have a daughter named Ai Kuran. As a child, Yuki adored her older brother and the two shared an extremely close relationship. Due to fears over her safety, Yuki's birth was kept secret from the rest of the vampire society, and for the first five years of her life, she was kept hidden in the basement of the Kuran mansion from the outside world with only her parents and older brother as companions. Yuki's parents managed to keep their daughter safe until the night Rido Kuran attacked the Kuran household, murdering Haruka in the process, and leading to Juri sacrificing her life in a final attempt to protect Yuki by transforming her into a human. After severely injuring Rido though unable to land the killing blow , Kaname took the unconscious Yuki to the home of Kaien Cross , a former Vampire Hunter and longtime friend of the Kurans.

The Vampire Knight manga series and its anime adaptation features a cast of characters created by Matsuri Hino. The series takes place at the Cross Academy, where the daughter of the headmaster, Yuki Cross, faces many different types of challenges: from a love triangle between a vampire student named Kaname Kuran and her childhood adoptive brother who later becomes her close friend, named Zero Kiryu; to many threats on her life and the lives of the people she is trying to protect. While initially developing the characters, Hino reported that though Kaname was created earlier, at every step in the characters creations, she found it difficult to maintain a balance between Kaname and Zero as she struggled with fears of the former overshadowing the latter. She begins as a human. She wields the Artemis rod to protect herself and the day class students against vampires. Yuki is extremely close to Zero Kiryu, who she becomes determined to help once she learns he has become a vampire. She is generally a kind, caring, cheerful, and comedic character, but she is naive and careless, and performs poorly in her studies due to spending most of her nights as a Guardian.

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