Essay writing on a book that changed your life

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essay writing on a book that changed your life

The Book That Changed My Life: 71 Remarkable Writers Celebrate the Books That Matter Most to Them by Roxanne J. Coady

With the goal of promoting literacy (and with proceeds going to the Read to Grow Foundation), here are 65 spirited testaments to the transformative power of reading from 65 distinguished contributors, as compiled by bookseller Roxanne Coady and editor Joy Johannessen.

Books change lives, and if you have any doubts on that score, you need only dip into this joyous celebration of reading by 65 people who have distinguished themselves in various fields, from sports, to cooking, to journalism and the arts. In brief and lively essays, the contributors— wrestlers, actors, singers, monks, Nobel Prize winners, chefs, politicians, writers—tell about the single book that changed the way they see themselves and the world around them.

A sampling of contributors includes: Elizabeth Berg on The Catcher in the Rye; Harold Bloom on Little, Big; Steven Brill on The Making of the President, 1960; Da Chen on The Count of Monte Cristo; Maureen Corrigan on David Copperfield; Nelson DeMille on Atlas Shrugged; Tomie dePaola on Kristin Lavransdatter; Anita Diamant on A Room of One’s Own; Linda Fairstein on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; Sebastian Junger on Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee; Wally Lamb on To Kill a Mockingbird; John McCain on For Whom the Bell Tolls; Lisa Scottoline on Angela’s Ashes; Susan Vreeland on To Kill a Mockingbird; and many more. . . .

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5 Books That Changed My Life

The Book That Changed My Life

I'm not sure that any book has ever truly changed my life in the sense of dramatically altering its course, but I can think of one that determined it, and that's Palgrave's Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language. It was my mother's book and she read to me from it, as I imagine, in the dark. It was from Palgrave that I learned that literature had a sound, that language mattered more than story, that rhythm haunted the imagination, and that love and grief and loneliness interested me more than any other subject. But the only book I can think of that effected a large and immediately felt change was My Secret Life, the Sex Diary of a Victorian Gentleman author unknown. I discovered it on my grandparents' bookshelf at the age of

Share: Share on Facebook. Add to Cart. The 15 interviews demonstrate the range of books that have affected a wide variety of writers. Students will learn about these writers and their diverse backgrounds, which often inspires them to read a book by an author. Teachers should instruct students to read one, several, or all of the interviews; this depends on what the curriculum limits and time frame allows.

Between Letters

In the summer of , a book changed my life. My eighth-grade English teacher, Marcia Callenberger, gave me Lonesome Dove , just out at the time and yet to win the Pulitzer. - How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book. As a kid I loved technology more than books.

I came to the United States in late April of , at the age of In August of that year, my brother and I were enrolled in a charter school, starting the seventh grade speaking very little English and not knowing how to write. In the summer of , we were given two books to read: The House of the Scorpion and Lord of the Flies. I remember feeling mad because reading was something I never liked. Two weeks before school started again, I saw the two books sitting on my table and realized that I put it off as long as I could and had to read it now.

The thing I find amazing about books is how they can change how you view things in life, or how they can make you discover a possible career for your future but sometimes they can make you do negative things. For me a couple of books have done this and it has almost been life changing. By life changing I mean it has. The Spot in the Corner Life is made of a huge collection of experiences, whether good or bad, that leave an impression on oneself. Some of these experiences are recorded in memory, and others simply forgotten. In any case, all these experiences take part in a particular place. So, depending on the type of experience, these specific places acquire some significance.

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