Nicole brown simpson the private diary of a life interrupted

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nicole brown simpson the private diary of a life interrupted

Nicole Brown Simpson: the Private Diary of a Life Interrupted by Faye D. Resnick

I missed the OJ Simpson trial and all its associated drama by about twenty years. I was eighteen at the time of the murders but far too distracted to pay it any attention. I was homeless and there was no television set behind the Stop and Shop supermarket where I laid my head to rest. I do recall talking on a payphone with my friend Amber as she watched the Bronco chase enfold on her end. As she gave me a bit- by- bit running commentary of what she was seeing, my mind was elsewhere, probably figuring out what I was going to shoplift for dinner and hoping I wouldnt get caught this time. It wasnt that I wasnt slick. I had black leopard spots dyed into the little hair I had and was watched as soon as I entered a store.

Anyway, Resnicks book.

I have read many celebrity memoirs and just as many true- crime and celebrity hangers-on tomes, but this one really takes the cake with the facade of its intent and in its marked opportunism masked as some kind of morality play.

Resnick purports to be on a mission. Her mission is two-fold. She wants to correct the medias portrayal of her dear, departed friend and she wants to help other victims of domestic abuse.

While Resnick does spend considerable time on the brume of abuse and terror Nicole lived under as the wife of OJ Simpson, she spends just as much time sharing with us her insiders knowledge of the minutia of Nicoles sex life. She does this under the guise of her first mission, correcting the medias portrayal of her friend. In this way, the definition of what constituted sex to Nicole becomes very important, and Resnick goes on to differentiate between which relationships of Nicoles were just play (Nicoles word, Resnicks tells us, for any non-penetrative sexual act) and which relationships qualified as actual intercourse in glorious detail. How Resnick is able to recall with such accuracy her friends sex (or play) life one is left to wonder. She claims to have kept a diary (of her friends sex life?) but that it was stolen after the murders. She frames this sexual straw- splitting and the gratututious revelations it allows for as protection of her friends dignity. (See, she wasnt really a slut! Most of her relationships were just b.js!)

The books trashiness is made all the more pronounced by Resnicks frequent declarations of unyielding love for her subject, a love so strong and so numinous that of course it would have to be explored sexually, with Nicole, it is implied, wearing the man-pants in the tryst, because, as Resnick reconstructs for us in all its lighted- candle hot- tubbed glory, Nicole wore a mans tie the night they both gave into a mutual physical attraction so strong it could only be interpreted as more evidence of their soul bond.

Im a tabloid baby. Im all for salacious, juicy details in print- but not when the person whos life these details have been purportedly pruned from has been brutally murdered, and not when the nut graf of the story is one of two BFFs -one live, one dead - and the live one is betraying the confidences of the dead one to such a degree that if there is an afterlife, Faith deserves to get her ass kicked there by Nicole. Im sorry; its too gross, even for me. I could deal with learning Nicole considered her vagina conditioned to the length of a black mans penis under different circumstances, maybe from her divorce paperwork from OJ, but not now that the person who supposedly did the conditioning left her head hanging on her neck by only sinew.

What I found the most interesting about the book was the Kardashian angle. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe all grew up in this environment- all the participants in the OJ saga where their parents close friends. Bruce Jenner, their step father, was best friends with OJ, and Kris, their mother, very close with both Nicole and Faith. I think growing up in that environment explains a lot about the Kardashian women now. All theyve ever known is selling your life out, your friends lives out, fame as the number one reason for living, that when in doubt, sex, above all else, sells. Not that I think they should have, but I doubt Kims family could have cared much at all about her leaked sex tape. Something like that would have been considered par for the fame course. Their mother was one of Nicole Brown Simpsons closest friends and their father, Robert, returned to law after years of working in the recording industry just so he could help in the defense of their mothers close friends murderer. What a world to grow up in. Id love to know what it was like, but I imagine those girls may not know a world free of spin. If Im right, it may not be their faults if they dont know how to tell the truth.

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The Nicole Diaries - Episode 2

The 15 Most Outrageous Quotes from Faye Resnick’s Nicole Brown Simpson Tell-All Book

Fearing for her life, Faye D. Resnick, as confidante of O. Her phones were tapped, private journals and photographs were stolen from her home, veiled threats were made by "private investigators" - and O. Now the truth about Nicole is revealed by the only person - except O. I'm going to kill her if I find her with another man! Five days before her death, a frightened Nicole told Faye that O. How Nicole committed the one sexual "taboo" O.

Simpson: American Crime Story , the book ultimately made Resnick played by Connie Britton persona non grata for the trial, forcing Judge Lance Ito to halt jury selection to read the book and weigh its possible impact, and ultimately forcing the prosecution not to call Resnick to the witness stand — even though she could have testified to how O. Resnick really likes material things. As much as this is a book about Nicole Brown Simpson and O. Simpson, it is also really a book about how much Faye Resnick likes stuff. In addition to cocaine and Valium, Resnick is pretty fond of lunches at Toscana, shopping on Rodeo Drive, hair and manicure appointments, and nights at the Roxbury.

Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted

An intimate account of Nicole Brown Simpson's marriage, her husband's abuse, and events leading up to her death, as told by her best friend. Co-written by Walker, who works for the National Enquirer, the book is chock-full of details about the doomed couple's lives: O. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Dove Entertainment Inc. Condition: New. Seller Inventory NW.

A mega-bestseller in its time, it is now long out of print. If a ghostwriter were assigned, today, to create a novelization of a very depressing late Eagles song, it would probably result in a very similar artifact. Resnick has, as a result of this quick attempt to cash in, something of a bad reputation. The best one can say, reading the book, is that she clearly cared for Nicole more than just the simple kiss-kiss camaraderie of two pretty white Los Angelenos attempting to parlay their beauty into financial stability and a real good time. Yet reading this book feels like a violation in a manner that its existence somehow does not.

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