Office space worst day of my life

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office space worst day of my life

The Worst Day of My Life Ever! by Julia Cook

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Office space clip - every day the worst day

Your Sanity Is Not For Sale: Workplace Lessons From Office Space

While not initially a box office success, the movie has gone on to become a cult classic over the past two decades. The monotony of working in an office is captured in the most hysterical way and all of the characters are lovable and real. So, you know, if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. Gary Cole is one of the funniest actors working today, and his first of many great roles was Bill Lumbergh in Office Space. Plus, every office has lame gimmick days like Hawaiian shirt day. After that, I sorta space out for an hour I do that for probably another hour after lunch, too.

One of my first exposures to corporate life was the movie Office Space. When the movie was released, I was about 18 and I thought it was probably a good example of what corporate life would be like. I know. But what did I learn then that I could apply to HR and my career now? Initech, the company Peter, the main character, works at is your typically poorly managed company that has lost its way.

You may dislike your job, but there are probably some good moments as well. In the meantime, you can work at making your current job tolerable while you work to find a new one. The main takeaway here is not to let anger overrule your life; try to have a positive outlook until you can change your circumstances. You could also bring in pictures and things that remind you that you have a life outside the office that you love. You could also request to work flexible hours. You may not realize it, but employers can be more accommodating than you think.

A great memorable quote from the Office Space movie on - Peter Gibbons: So that every single day that you see me, that's on the worst day of my life.
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What comes to mind when you think of office space? Scenes from the cult film and pop culture favorite, Office Space, featuring Ron Livingston Peter Gibbons , likely starts replaying in your mind. Worst day of my life. This may seem to demonstrate a flair for the dramatic, but the Gibbons character in Office Space experiences intense dissatisfaction with his employer, work environment, and the infamous TPS Reports — so much so that he claims to his therapist that each day is the worst day of his life. In another classic scene, Gibbons takes a drill to his cubicle partition, allowing it to crash to the ground, revealing floor-to-ceiling windows and a great view of the world outside. His satisfying kick-back, reclined pose with his hands behind his head and a big smile on his face says it all: employees need sensible and functional space to be satisfied and productive at work. Then trends shifted toward fully open office spaces.

Peter Gibbons hates his job. Every day is a prison sentence. In fact, he confesses to a shrink that every day is the worst day of his life:. So I was sitting in my cubicle today, and I realized, ever since I started working, every single day of my life has been worse than the day before it. So that means that every single day that you see me, that's on the worst day of my life.

Peter Gibbons : What would you do if you had a million dollars? Lawrence: I'll tell you what I'd do, man, two chicks at the same time, man. Peter Gibbons : That's it? If you had a million dollars, you'd do two chicks at the same time? Lawrence: Damn straight.

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