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life in the woods hungry

The Hungry Tide by Valerie Wood

The first winner of the Catherine Cookson Prize, this is a family saga set on the Yorkshire coast at the turn of the 18th century. For generations, a stubborn population of farmers and fishermen has struggled against the encroachments of the sea that is the background to their lives.

In the slums of Hull, at the turn of the eighteenth century, lived Will and Maria Foster, constantly fighting a war against poverty, disease and crime. Will was a whaler, wedded to the sea, and when tragedy struck, crippling him for life, it was John Rayner, nephew of the owner of the whaling fleet, who was to rescue the family. Will had saved the boys life on an arctic voyage and they were offered work and a home on the headlands of Holderness, on the estate owned by John Rayners wealthy family. And there, Wills third child was born -- Sarah, a bright and beautiful girl who was to prove the strength of the family.

As John watched Sarah grow into a serene and lovely woman, he became increasingly aware of his love for her, a love that was hopeless, for the gulf of wealth and social standing between them made marriage impossible. Against the background of the sea, the wide skies of Holderness, and the frightening crumbling land that meant so much to them, their love story was played out to its final climax.

(followed by Children of the Tide)
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  1. If you've decided to play in Hungry Mode, there are a few changes you probably want to know about. The "Hungry" option for Life in the Woods utilizes the mod.

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