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no game no life vol 5 light novel

No Game, No Life Vol. 5 by Yuu Kamiya

Continuing from where Volume 4 left off, this novel follows Sora and Shiro as they drag the Dhampir Plum with them to the Flugel homeworld of Avant-Heim in order to uncover some knowledge of the Siren queens game. In the meanwhile, Sora has enlisted Steph and Izuna to search Stephs grandfathers library in Elkia for any hints as to how previous players have dealt with the sleeping Siren queens game. As one may expect, Sora and friends do indeed find the means to awaken the sleeping Siren, and this novel thus wraps up the plot arc started in the previous volume, but that conclusion isnt quite what is so great about this installment of No Game No Life.

When our human heroes reach Avant-Heim, they soon meet Azril, self-proclaimed older sister to their Flugel ally Jibril, a big fan of books in her own right, and the chairman of the nine-girl board who act as collective agent plenipotentiary for the Flugel race, governing over their Race Piece. As we learn, Azril so loved collecting and reading books that she proclaimed a Book Sharing Act for all her sisters, wherein all books are held communistically (if I may coin a jagged term) in order to share the wealth of knowledge among the race, whose main purpose seems to be nothing other than to garner knowledge. Jibril, quite the staunch individualist, rejects the act entirely, leading her to defect from her nation, leading her to the Dola family library, where we encountered her in Volume 2 of the novel. But it is not just Jibrils desire to read and own her own books that led her to rebel so overtly; we are later informed, near the crux of this volume, that Jibrils main reason for rejecting the act was that she had an interest in re-reading books, for the joy of finding something new while reading with new experiences in mind, a concept wholly foreign to her race, who have a memory so perfect they neednt see a single book again after reading through it just once.

This is the major conflict of the story: Jibril led her human masters to Azril with the belief that their presence might convince Azril of a new way of life, as theyd shown her previously. Azril, for all her posturing about fawning over her little sister, is in actuality an incredibly cold being, completely unaware and understanding of any of the goings-on of her sister or her masters. We learn that Azril was first of the Flugel, created as a race to kill other Old Deus, claiming the throne of One True God for their father, the war god Artosh. Being nothing but vaguely-sentient weapons, the Flugel carried out their orders perfectly, with many dying in the process. Yet, despite their efforts, many races, including Immanity, continued to persevere through the Great War. Sensing the need for a new brand of his creation, Artosh birthed Jibril, intentionally designed to be imperfect, that she might learn secrets to life inaccessible to her older sisters. It was this flaw that led her to find faith in her masters, and, more importantly, fun. Jibril was thus able to successfully mission to some of her other sisters, spreading the Good News of Sora and Shiro to roughly one hundred other Flugel, all of whom eagerly awaited the chance to play against the kings of Immanity in a game of tag. Despite the stakes of their game, most of the Flugel ended up having extreme amounts of fun playing against Sora and Shiro, to a point where they intentionally take an L in favor of preventing Azril from fucking everything up.

Throughout the entire game of tag, Jibril constantly looks over at Azril, checking for any sort of change in expression that might betray a change of heart from something as cold as her original personality. With increasing fervency, Jibril badgers Azril with questions about why she continues to live, what she finds in existence. Azril, it turns out, has given herself the sole ability to order all Flugel to commit suicide, should they find theyve failed the last mission given by Artosh, to learn how Artosh could have died. Much later, we learn there was never really such a mission - Azril uncovered the truth easily enough, but did not wish for her own death, nor especially the death of her sisters, and so fibbed to prevent any suicides, as well as to prolong everyones lives by encouraging the mass hunt for knowledge via accumulation of many books. Offended by Jibrils apparently confusing new personality, Azril leans very close to commissioning the suicide order, thus Jibrils decision to evangelize on behalf of Sora and Shiro. At long last, Azril manages not to completely change her mind and respect Sora and Shiro, but at least she considers the possibility of such a change, that there is a potential that will postpone the death of the Flugel race indefinitely, until/unless Azril were to eventually decide against aligning with Immanity.

The surprisingly deep existential debate between Jibril and Azril elevates this volume above previous installments in the series, as well as above other light novels in general, but of course Volume 5 is still fun for the basic reason a No Game No Life book may be fun: the games. In the game of tag, Sora and Shiro are obviously at a disadvantage to the Flugel, who can not only fly but who can easily break physical laws in order to phase shift instead of move normally, as well as employ any number of magical attacks. To make up for this, Flugels powers are somewhat constricted, Plum is able to use Dhampir magic to transform into a wing-like scarf to allow Sora and Shiro flight, and a slight word game is included (not unlike the shiritori game from Volume 2) wherein forty-six syllables are scattered among the hundred Flugel players, with the ability to a) retrieve syllables from their foes and b) combine syllables into words which would materialize into existence in order to allow some magic for the humans. As with in Volume 2, the word game is kinda wacky in English translation, and unfortunately there is no guide at the end of the book to inform the reader of the original Japanese syllables used, so instead we are stuck with what seems to be nonsense, Sora using strange language to circumvent the otherwise basic nature of the word game, much as the odd use of synonyms in Volume 2s shiritori made that games conclusion much stranger to bear. Anyway, the course of the game is pretty great, following in the footsteps of the Werebeast FPS game from Volume 3 by taking inspiration from intense vidya-playing - this time, bullet hell shooters. Maybe the scenes are still tense on their own, but they are especially fun for readers familiar with the genre, particularly how the Flugels energy beams seem to recall Spell Cards from Touhou, or other special moves from bosses in other games.

Anyway, after the Flugel game, which kinda takes up the vast majority of the page count, the kids gain access to the Flugel library, while Izuna finds a way to best search for good book back in Elkia (using sense of smell to track the books that smell best, having avoided one that smelled of Siren until the last moment). We learn there isnt really anything to the Sirens game, that the fairy tale on which theyve based their scheme concerns a princess who gets everything she wants from all her suitors, and thus seems to want only death, or nothing, or something. Its stated her answer is a suitor who presents her with a dagger, at least. So Sora, Shiro, and Jibril storm the game once more, this time with a vastly different idea in mind: Sora challenges the Siren queen to fall in love with _him_, and Jibril keeps pelting her with Heavenly Smite attacks to constantly evaporate all the water, hindering the queens progress toward Sora, not bringing her any pain (it is still a simulation), but giving her immense fear and confusion. Sora ultimately rejects the queen, of course, and it turns out the queen is something of a masochist, breaking from her slumber in order to receive more insults, &c., from Sora and co.

At the end, though it doesnt seem too terribly important, we find out Plum was the last male Dhampir the whole time, and that he wasnt nearly as stupid as hed pretended, having partly orchestrated the entire scheme, though of course Sora and Shiro found him out almost as soon as he was introduced, back in Volume 4. How Plum managed to hide his shota pecker the entire time, when all illustrations show his bare ass, is absolutely beyond me, but at the very least Im mostly glad Id gotten that twist spoiled for me on Wikipedia before I ever bothered trying to find any porn or anything haha. That said, now were stuck with only two, rather than three, lolis. Or, wait, well, I guess Sora somehow got a Siren daughter in the end.
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No Game No Life Light Novel Volume 5 Part 4 Bahasa Indonesia - Part Terakhir (SPOILER SEASON 2 !!!)

No Game No Life, Vol. 5 (light novel)

Meet Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister who are loser shut-ins by normal standards. So when a young boy calling himself God summons the siblings to a fantastic alternate world where war is forbidden and all conflicts—even those involving national borders—are decided by the outcome of games, Sora and Shiro have pretty much hit the jackpot. But they soon learn that in this world, humanity, cornered and outnumbered by other species, survives within the confines of one city. Will Sora and Shiro, two failures at life, turn out to be the saviors of mankind? Let the games begin…. So he hides forever and ignores the enemies and is then surprised that the enemies made a move.

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