Matt dixon triathlon training plan

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matt dixon triathlon training plan

Fast-Track Triathlete: Balancing a Big Life with Big Performance in Long-Course Triathlon by Matt Dixon

In Fast-Track Triathlete, elite triathlon coach Matt Dixon offers his plan of attack for high performance in long-course triathlon—without sacrificing work or life. Developed for busy professionals with demanding schedules, the Fast-Track Triathlete program makes your PR possible in Ironman®, Ironman 70.3®, Rev3, and Challenge triathlon in about 10 hours a week.

Training for long-course triathlons once demanded 15-20 hours each week—on top of work, family, travel and other time commitments. For many, preparing for long-distance triathlon is more challenging than the race itself.

Now Fast-Track Triathlete opens the door to your best performance in full- and half-distance triathlons in half the traditional training time. Dixon’s laser-focused, effective approach to workouts, recovery, strength and mobility, and nutrition means you can prepare for triathlon’s greatest challenges in just 7-10 hours per week for half-distance and 10-12 hours per week for full-distance.

Fast-Track Triathlete includes

• Dixon’s complete guide to creating a successful sport and life performance recipe

• How to plan out your triathlon training

• Scaling workouts for time and fatigue

• Training and racing during travel

• Executing your swim-bike-run and transitions plan on race day

• 10-week off-season training program with key workouts

• 14-week pre-season training program with key workouts

• 14-week comprehensive race-prep full and half training plans with fully integrated strength and conditioning

Dixon’s first book, The Well-Built Triathlete, revealed his four-tiered approach to success in all triathlon race distances. Fast-Track Triathlete turbocharges Dixon’s well-built program so even the busiest athletes can achieve their long-distance triathlon dreams without sacrificing so much to achieve them.

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Purple Patch Fitness Coach Matt Dixon on the Fast-Track Triathlete

Whether you sit on a bike trainer out of necessity it is still snowing in some parts of the country or choice efficiency, efficiency, efficiency , you should approach your trainer time with a specific, big-picture plan to reap the biggest benefits.
Matt Dixon

Fast-Track Triathlete

Matt Dixon is a world-class triathlon coach, former pro triathlete and elite swimmer, and an exercise physiologist. He's the founder and owner of Purple Patch Fitness , a fitness and coaching company serving triathletes and endurance enthusiasts across the world. His distinct performance methodology - focused on integrating performance into time-starved life - has made him a highly sought after resource for many industry leading CEOs and executives. His longstanding focus on truly integrating recovery in training plans has also led to him being nicknamed 'The Recovery Coach'. Given their respective histories and some of the overlap in philosophies and their approach to various aspects of performance, it's odd that Matt and Andy have never crossed paths, though we were obviously familiar with his work and fans of the Purple Patch podcast.

October 17th, Open Water. See previews at purplepatchfitness.
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You don't have to be an executive to train like one. Born out of a deep belief that there is a better way to train athletes, our mission is to empower and educate all human beings to reach their athletic potential. We believe by reaching your athletic potential that you will reach your human potential. Grounded in Purple Patch Pillars of Performance of Endurance Training, Functional Strength Training, Nutrition, and Recovery; our smart approach to training ensures time-starved athletes get their best results again and again. Since the beginning, Matt Dixon and Purple Patch Fitness have coached world-class athletes to world and professional championships. In addition to our professional and elite amateurs, we pride ourselves in the success of our amateur athletes.

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