Full hearts can t lose

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full hearts can t lose

Quote by Coach Taylor: “Clear eyes, full hearts, cant lose”

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Published 19.04.2019

Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose

Connie Britton reveals how "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" applies to the real world

The scientists who developed psychohistory called themselves the Foundation, and they wrote down their research and principles on a giant screen called the Prime Radiant. The Radiant displayed the Plan, a path forward that recognized how we humans are hard-wired and soft-wired to respond to Narrative and other invisible social interactions in estimatable ways. All the wisdom in the world is insufficient to stop the great cycles of human history. We do what we can. The Plan goes awry only a few centuries into its efforts, thrown askew by a unique mutant psychic named the Mule, a force totally unforeseen by the Plan. First the Mule takes over the machinery of Empire, turning the supposed leaders into his puppets.

The phrase—which references the power of drive and optimism—has made its way beyond the lights, still inspiring us to this day. I was sitting on my porch the other Saturday sipping coffee and soaking up the sunshine while some boys in my apartment complex tossed a football around the parking lot. Truth is, we got a little burnt out from our project load last year and needed to take a step back. Nick got married, I had a novella published, Nick started a new job, I started a new job, the list goes on. Life is happening at full speed, fast and beautiful. Nick and I were exploring this thought back before Christmas.

The entire town turns out each Friday night to support their local heroes. Everyone from the gas pump attendant to the waitress at the diner has an opinion and pressure on the teenage players to win is intense. So the series is about an American football team playing football. What Would Coach Taylor Do? Before each game, they are the last words he says to the players as they leave the locker room to enter the field of play — gladiators primed for the contest. The six words represent his entire philosophy, crystallised. Imagine this, starting quietly with one voice and then repeated - building to a crescendo, shouted out by an amped-up squad of young men about to test their mettle.

There's nothing Americans love more than football. And nothing shows that love more than the NBC drama Friday Night Lights , where teenage athletes replace celebrities as the main source of water cooler chatter in Dillon, Texas. At the heart of the show is Coach Eric Taylor.
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But the show wasn't just about football. Rather, it was a rallying cry of hope and optimism in a community where everyone had a fair shot -- no matter their background, no matter their parents, no matter their gender. And no matter their politics. So it has been surprising that the phrase has been usurped and co-opted by Mitt Romney and his campaign for their gain. And it got us thinking: What would the women of Dillon think about this? Dillon is a classic American town filled with hard-working, middle-class Americans, who just want to lead productive, healthy lives.


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  1. Friday Night Lights' Jason Katims on the long life of “Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose”. “We had to be judicious. You had to find those moments.

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