Spread the message of peace and love

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spread the message of peace and love

Spread Peace Quotes (8 quotes)

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Published 21.04.2019

Church leaders spread messages of peace and love during Christmas

4 Small Ways to Spread Peace for a Better World

Messages of Peace. Find an Event. Join - Connect My Light. Messages of Peace From around the world. Join hands and bring communities together. God is One.

Peace And Love Is What We Need. Life Was In High Spirits Life was in high spirits. Everything was going my way. The face of my soul was feelin' happier.
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We should spread the message of love and peace: Sait

Roses For Peace campaign. Spreading the message of Mercy to Mankind of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW

Mysuru : "Many look at the big churches and institutions and think that Christianity is a glorious religion right from the beginning, but when we look back at history we will see that Christianity has endured the most suffering," said Bishop of Mysuru, Rev Fr K A William. Speaking after inaugurating the 13th Diocesan level carol singing competition, organized by the Catholic Association of Mysore at St. When he said 'I am the Son of God' people laughed at him and he was driven away from his home town of Nazareth. It was only later that people realised his value. It was the Roman Emperor Constantine who first embraced Christianity. Today, Christmas is not just confined to one religion, but it has become a festival for all. Speaking about the current situation of humanity, he said that the carol singing competition is a time when they all come together, forgetting about their differences.

Edward Benner , News Editor December 16, Since the s, musicians like Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix have used inspirational tunes to spread the message of peace, love, and equality. This form of music continues to be an outlet for artists to connect with the world in a non-violent way. Junior Evan Tridone sits back, turns his music up, and opens his mind. Tridone enjoys a variety of rap music, especially those songs and albums with a political edge. It protested strongly against Donald Trump specifically and gave me insight into why people feel the way they do.

Youth of all nations, fuel of revolution and power of countries. Never give up to the voice of the devil and light the fire in your homes. Don't listen to the call of devils who persuade you by violence and wars under words of religion or building new better countries. Don't be a word or letter in someone's agenda. Don't waste your effort, power and blood for someone and think that you are a hero and serving the religion or humanity or angel in paradises.

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  1. 8 quotes have been tagged as spread-peace: Germany Kent: 'Reach out and help others. Make it known to your friends and family that you love them..

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