Good girls love bad guys

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good girls love bad guys

I Deserve Your Love 3: Good Girls Love Bad Boys by Nikki Brown

In the last installment of I Deserve You Love, the family is in total dismay when Mawmaw is shot and Kelly is kidnapped. Nothing will make them more happy than seeing Brandon and Scar’s heads on a platter but when the two go underground and other problems arise, will they get the revenge that they desire.
Major is doing everything he can to make things up to Nae while still trying to sort things out with Nina but she has some secrets and problems of her own. Nina’s plan to get Major back in her arms comes to a crashing halt when she gets her own blast from the past. Will Major make the right decision or will he fall into her web of deceit?
Charm is determined to find Kelly and make Brandon pay for everything he’s put her through, the only thing standing in his way is his roommates. Will Charm be able to escape their lustful hold?
Bishop and Nicole are trying to get things together after everything that happened, on top of Bishop wanting another baby. Will they be able to withstand the constant drama and receive all of the love they deserve?
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Girls love the bad guys..???? - Brent Rivera

8 Reasons Good Girls Fall For Bad Boys

Why do you let him treat you so bad? If you yourself have begun to wonder why you stay, look for your answer in these 8 reasons good girls fall for bad boys. They want to fix their bad boy. The martyr syndrome The women who has given all of herself to helping fix her bad boy, or to surviving his mean, cheating, lying ways, sees herself as helpless or trapped. She gains some psychological reward for being the victim.

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When your best friend, your sister, and your roommate tell you not to go for this guy, you find it your calling in life to prove them wrong., It happens all the time, without fail.

We know that opposites attract. This could explain why you, a good girl, is so attracted to bad boys. All hot, but bad boys nonetheless. They can take you on a wild ride and even push you close to the edge. A rebel. He does what he wants when he wants. You may have heard some of these words or phrases used to describe a bad boy.


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