What is a reason to love someone

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what is a reason to love someone

Quote by Robert Brault: “To find someone who will love you for no reason...”

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Published 26.04.2019

Reasons Why I Love You - Short Film

20 Reasons Why I Love You

The uncensored list I made for my man. My partner and me are doing a 30 days relationship challenge. One of the challenges we went through so far was to write reasons we love each other. To make the list was really easy. The other part of the challenge was to read it out loud for each other. I tought that would be super-easy too.


People overthink love nowadays. And How will I know when? But consider this: Maybe love isn't about just seeing and knowing love when you have it but also actively searching for reasons to love someone and seeing what happens from there. Here are the top 10 reasons I've found to love someone. When someone puts you above anyone and everyone else, that's special. When someone sees you and instantly knows they would want to be with you and only you, that's special.

Millions of emotions and thousands of thoughts are circling in your head when you look at your sweetheart… But can you always find the right words to explain what things you love about someone? Do you know how to say it? Never underestimate the power of words. Besides being a great way to show your love, thinking of 20 reasons why I love you is an effective technique of strengthening your feelings, adding more romance, and keeping the fire in your relationship. Why do you love your girlfriend or boyfriend? You accept me for who I am. You accept my light and my shadow.

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