Is love the most important thing in a relationship

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is love the most important thing in a relationship

Relationship Quotes (3482 quotes)

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Published 26.04.2019

10 Things That Are More Important In A Relationship Than Looks

Why is Love important in Life? What’s most important in a Relationship?

No matter how in love you are, obstacles and arguments are bound to happen in any relationship. Fortunately, there are certain positive traits that you and your partner can cultivate to overcome obstacles and challenges while building a trusting, respectful relationship. She's worked with enough couples to know what truly keeps relationships happy and healthy. Refer to these traits when you need an extra hand to keep your relationship strong. Fran Walfish , Psy.

First thing you should know about me is that I'm a hopeless romantic. So this next thing I'm about to say might come as a bit of a shock: I feel that the word "love" is used too much and often incorrectly in relationships today. Am I cold-hearted? Maybe a little bitter? Sometimes we lose sight of what is really important because we think loving someone is the sole reason to be in a relationship, but it's not.

The urge to be intimate fades away when the relationship is no longer new.
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At the risk of being called a cold-hearted love hater, I'm going to say some things I believe to be true about love. Love is a chemical cocktail. There are many things more important in a relationship than love. There will be times when you don't love your partner with everything you have. And no matter how much you love them, there are just some people you shouldn't be with.

Photo by Clique Images. There is nothing quite as electrifying or soul-satisfying as falling in love—thinking maybe, just maybe, you've found a partner to spend your life with. But what happens when you start to see or sense that this man or woman might cause you more pain than joy? You've already let yourself get so invested that it's more painful than you could've imagined. This was my experience, over and over, until I started to see my relationships from a different perspective. I've come to believe that relationships are soul assignments—they are projects intended to teach us lessons. Romantic relationships can be counted upon, more than any other challenge, to bring up all your "stuff.

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