What does blind for love mean

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what does blind for love mean

Love Is Blind Quotes (24 quotes)

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Published 28.04.2019

Love is blind Meaning

love is blind

You might be seeing something beautiful, while everyone else sees a disaster. Are you looking through the lens of blind love? Apparently, both produce similar effects in the brain. However, in the case of romantic love, the hypothalamus is activated, which results in a greater level of excitement. Our emotions are so strong that they block out pretty much everything else. Your mind is able to justify anything they do.

There are times when you end up loving someone infinitely. What that means is that you see the other person as perfect, and you have a deep admiration for them. You marvel at everything they do, and they end up becoming a basic need in your life. This is what we mean when we say blind love. But that usually means forgetting about yourself. That blind love sometimes comes from idealization.

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Love is blind.

A lot has changed since those Shakespearean wayback days, but this phrase has remained the same. A girl might say "love is blind" meaning that she's got the hots for the wrong guy. It seemed great at first because the whole love thing made her think that. There were flowers, romantic dates, and a whole lot of excitement. All that made her think it was love when it wasn't. Or, a dude might say this to mean he's totally willing to forget about all that annoying stuff his girl does because he loves her anyway. Or, we use it in a not-so-nice way to refer to loving someone who is, shall we say, less than attractive.

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