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love the way you feel

Love the Way You Lie (Stripped, #1) by Skye Warren

3 Didnt feel it Stars!

I have been on a Skye Warren roll these days. I adored Prisoner and her writing so much that I dived into this one too. However, I just didnt feel it.

The rating is solely based on her writing and last half of the book. The first half was such a chore for me. I didnt feel any connection with our down-trodden heroine named Honor/Honey. And the mysterious Kip was just that--Mysterious. We didnt get to know anything about him until the very end. And seriously, all the mystery was getting old.

So the story is that Honey/Honor is running from her past. Arent they all? She takes on a job as a stripper because, well...she doesnt have a choice, people!

One day Kip comes riding in with his leather jacket and sexy boots (BTW...Boots play a very important/sexy part in the story. If you get my drift ;) LOL!).

Now Honey is like, Oh God! I want that but I cant trust him!
And Kip is like, Talk to me, Honey! I am here to save you.
Then she goes, You cant, no one can. Didnt you listen, I cant trust you!
Finally, Kip gives up on the conversation and they have sex. it felt like he was saying if you cant trust me, trust my c**k

Thats the first half. And in the second half, we get some action and mysteries are revealed. So I can definitely say the second half was much better. Anyhoo! Writing is good all throughout. God! I really didnt know she could write like that. I had totally forgotten about it. But now I think I am going to read all of her books. I hope they are as good as Prisoner and Wanderlust.

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Skye Warren

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