Alien twins on days of our lives

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alien twins on days of our lives

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Cassie Brady is a fictional character from the NBC daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives. Cassie and Rex, her twin brother, first appeared in Salem after a 4th of July meteor shower in and believed to be aliens.
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7 Things to Know About Rex Brady On Days of Our Lives

Rex and his fraternal twin sister, Cassie, were found at night on the side of the road by Belle and Shawn during a meteor shower in Salem. At first, it assumed they were aliens because they were found in pods, wearing silver bathing suits. Soon, they were thought to be the children of Tony DiMera and Marlena Evans, though that wasn't true. Finally, they were revealed to be Roman Brady and Kate Roberts' children. That, combined with Kate's eggs, and Rolf created two brilliant children with "superhuman" intelligence. Rex initially fell for Belle Black, after he saw her and kissed her when she and Shawn saved him and his sister, Cassie, who kissed Shawn. The twins were told that Belle and Shawn were off the market.

Cassie and her brother Rex appeared on the serial under peculiar circumstances. They first appeared in Salem during the meteor shower in July of , and were originally thought to be aliens. Thorpe appeared as a contract player from July 8, , to December 1, , at which point the character was murdered.
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Don't worry, we'll help it all make sense for you Rex was originally played by actor Eric Winter starting in July of until his departure in July of The role of Brady has been played by Eric Martsolf since Unfortunately, it was just a short stint, with Rex leaving town again in August of The character of Rex was introduced alongside his twin sister, Cassie, back in July of when there was a meteor shower and they were discovered wearing foil outfits on the side of the road by Belle and Shawn-Douglas. However, they quickly learned, and Rex wound up having quite a superior intellect.

Rex first appeared on July 8, , and left town on July 26, His first air date was October 19, The character left temporarily to spend time with his newfound child with his ex-girlfriend, Mimi on November 15, He returned January 11, on a contract basis. Rex and his twin sister Cassie were discovered half-naked during a meteor shower and were originally suspected to be aliens.

Cassie and Rex , her twin brother, first appeared in Salem after a 4th of July meteor shower in and believed to be aliens. They are the children of Roman Brady and Kate Roberts. Thorpe appeared as a contract player from July 8, , to December 1, , at which point the character was believed to have been murdered, reappearing on April 27, , alive and well. Thorpe made infrequent appearances until June 7, , without a proper exit. Cassie and her twin brother, Rex , crash-landed in Salem during a meteor shower and are originally believed to be aliens. The twins had matching tattoos resembling the Phoenix, calling their connection to Stefano DiMera and John Black into question.

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