If i had three wishes they would be

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if i had three wishes they would be

Crazy for Young Adult Books - ABOUT YOU: If I Had Three Wishes... Showing 1-50 of 139

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If I Had 3 Wishes

If you could have 3 wishes in the world, what would they be? , If you had 3 wishes right now that would become true instantly, what would you wish for ?.

Cliche Question I Love To Ask People: If You Had Three Wishes, What Would They Be?

I don't know. I would not wish for knowledge of any kind, even that which I greatly strive for, because part of having knowledge is the process of earning it. I would not wish for the perfect body, because I should earn that on my own. I have little need for material devices of any kind, and I havea loving, caring family. I would not wish for the truth about the mysteries of the universe because I have no reason to know such things. I am pursuing my own dreams, so I have no reason to wish for them to come true, which also eliminates part of the point of having a dream. Be a cybernetically enhanced human.

One cold winter night many years ago in a little village in Spain an old man named Pedro and his wife, Joanna, sat in front of a cozy fire in their home. They owned enough to be very comfortable, but instead of giving thanks to God for the benefits they enjoyed, they spent much of their time wishing for the good things their neighbors had. He cannot carry an empty sack! How wonderful it would be if we had but to speak to have our wishes come true! She was only eighteen inches tall and her dress was white and filmy and full of opal tints as though made of smoke. A smoky veil floated down from a crown of sparks on her head. In her hand she had a little golden wand and a single spark glowed on the very tip of it.

The legend allows the master of the lamp any three requests except more wishes. In college, during boring lectures, I used to ponder what I would wish for. Coming up with a realistic answer is very difficult because one always wants to maximize the benefit of one's three wishes. Considering which wishes might be encompassed in other wishes is crucial. For instance, requesting infinite wealth may seem like a great first wish, but upon greater reflection, asking to live forever would eventually allow you to achieve the same goal. Not only would your investments have more time to grow, but book and television deals would keep you in the flush for centuries.

Sep 01, PM. If a genie came up to you and gave you three wishes what would your wishes be?
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The Three Wishes Video Lesson

Tonight I sat at the dinner table with my dad and my year-old brother. We made small talk, like always, about our how our day was and whether or not we were ready for the school year to start back up again. Spoiler alert: nobody's ready! Just as I was about to finish my plate, my brother spoke up, completely out of nowhere, and asked, "What would you do if you had three wishes? I laughed at first, because I knew I shouldn't be surprised by how a year-old's mind sometimes wanders, and then realized, how do you answer a question like that? Of course, he began to share his three wishes, such as wishing for infinite wishes, which my dad and I quickly told him was against the rules.

Everyone would love to have wishes that come true instantly. My wish list is endless. But if I were to select three they would be - first, to remember what my teachers teach me in school. Second - to have any toy I wish for in my hand. Then I won't trouble my father any more. Finally to keep my brother away from my work stations. He always disturbs me and bothers me to make things he likes.

It's probably one of the oldest questions out there, but I love asking it anyway. People always have the most unique answers. So what would your three wishes be? And no, you can't wish for more wishes I've thought about this question long and hard. I know some people will say I'm vain because all of my wishes benefit me, but in this pretend scenario I think it's okay to be selfish

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