Listening is an art explain

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listening is an art explain

Listening Quotes (671 quotes)

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Published 01.05.2019

The art of listening, seeing and learning - J. Krishnamurti

Listening is an art. Communication is not always what you communicate, it also comprise what you are communicated. In other words, communication is not.

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Communication is not always what you communicate, it also comprise what you are communicated. In other words, communication is not alone speaking, it also involves listening. Great achievers have been great listeners. But listening to others is not an easy task. Patience is a key element here. When you start listening, then you also get listened. When you get listened, you consider it a bit of a respect and feel good.

A zoologist was walking down a busy city street with a friend. In the midst of the honking horns and screeching tires, he exclaimed to his friend, "Listen to that cricket! The friend looked at the zoologist in astonishment and said, "You hear a cricket in the middle of all this noise and confusion? Without a word, the zoologist reached into his pocket, took out a coin, and flipped it into the air. As it clinked on the sidewalk, a dozen heads turned in response. Day after day, inside and outside of business, we miss important information because we don't listen with full attention. We also misunderstand and misinterpret messages and ideas because of our preconceptions, biases, and wishes.

Yes, absolutely. To listen Is to allow someone to exhale as the tears roll down their face. Is to read someone's message in a bottle. Is to be.
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Listening is a skill of critical significance in all aspects of our lives—from maintaining our personal relationships, to getting our jobs done, to taking notes in class, to figuring out which bus to take to the airport. Genuine listening the great gift of this time. It helps build relationships, solve problems , ensure understanding, resolve conflicts, and improve accuracy.

Wise businesspeople and leaders listen carefully. They listen to their peers, they listen to their staffs and they listen to their friends and family. Listening is an art, after all, and not everyone knows how to do it properly. A wise business leader knows how to listen and actually hear what others are saying. How else can you learn about what needs to be done to improve a situation?

The problem with constantly feeling this way is that we never actually hear the people who speak to us. Did you know that the need to be understood and listened to is a basic human need, along with food, water and shelter? Well … actually I made that bit up. How many times have you longed to be heard and understood only to have the receiving end ordering a pizza in the background, shuffling through papers or texting while you talk? Now do you know how it feels?

Without the art of listening, anything that passes between human ears can be construed as "Noise", which begets reactions only, often hasty. Get 5 credit points for each correct answer. The best one gets 25 in all. Existing Student Sign In x. Get OTP. Resend OTP.

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  1. Listening is an art that requires work, self-discipline, and skill. The art of communication Meanwhile, point two is being explained. How he's.

  2. A wise man once said, 'We have two ears and one mouth -- for a good reason.' It's more important to listen than it is to talk most of the time.

  3. Most people think that to become a good communicator they have to focus on becoming great speakers, but listening is just as important as speaking in the communication process.

  4. Listening is an active process by which we make sense of, assess, and something, of course you should ask the speaker to explain it to you.

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