Society is an objective reality

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society is an objective reality

The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge by Peter L. Berger

Called the fifth-most important sociological book of the 20th century by the International Sociological Association, this groundbreaking study of knowledge introduces the concept of social construction into the social sciences for the first time. In it, Berger and Luckmann reformulate the task of the sociological subdicipline that, since Max Scheler, has been known as the sociology of knowledge.
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Within The Ruins - Objective Reality

That is, human beings are creatures whose nature is for them to live in a society or group. He argued that one cannot invent new language out of nowhere.
Peter L. Berger

Does objective reality exist?

The title is from a book written by Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann in In number of pages the book is not long it has around pages but in impact it is huge. It is probably one of the most important books within the social sciences in the 20 th Century. It has been a game changer within the social sciences. The book represents the starting point of a new paradigm: social constructivism.

The Social Construction of Reality is a book about the sociology of knowledge by the sociologists Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann. Their central concept is that people and groups interacting in a social system create, over time, concepts or mental representations of each other's actions, and that these concepts eventually become habituated into reciprocal roles played by the actors in relation to each other. When these roles are made available to other members of society to enter into and play out, the reciprocal interactions are said to be institutionalized. In the process, meaning is embedded in society. Knowledge and people's conceptions and beliefs of what reality is become embedded in the institutional fabric of society. Reality is therefore said to be socially constructed.

It seems a majority of people assume that there exists an objective reality in which all of us exist, with facts that are universally true and are more than just matters of opinion. However, a growing minority of people argue that there is no such thing as objective reality and that everything is subjective, and that anything can be questioned or legitimately disagreed with, even facts that used to have near-universal agreement. This raises the question about who is right about the nature of reality, if reality even exists.
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The objective reality is the collection of things that we are sure exist independently of us. Every person is able, in principle, to verify every aspect of the objective reality. Anything that cannot be verified in this way is not part of the objective reality. The 20m tall ironbark tree in my neighbour's yard is part of the objective reality. It's presence can be verified by any person by simply looking at it, or a surveyor determining its position, by taking a photo of it etc. Moreover, the absence of the tree would imply that the tree does not belong to the objective reality.


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