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infinity war infinity war infinity war

The Infinity War by Jim Starlin

Warning: for those of you looking for a comic relating to the Infinity War movie, keep on moving. I cant imagine this will have much of anything in common with it other than the name.


Ok. What you need to ask yourself before you dig this up is whether or not youre a big fan of Marvels cosmic stories. Especially their old cosmic stories.
This is an older comic and it shows. The art, the dialogue, the reasons (or lack of) behind the motivations for both the heroes and villains...? Its crunchy, silly, and a bit cringy.
Still. Me? I personally love Adam Warlock, Moondragon, Gamora, Pip, and a big purple Thanos setting out to save the universe from Adams evil shadow/doppelganger - The Magus!


Its an overblown, overdramatic, colorful event that includes cameos from almost everyone in the Marvel lineup.
Yes, even Alpha Flight, you crazy Canucks!


It was (to me) really fun to read about all these characters traveling all over the place trying to track down this cackling villain, and fighting off not only their evil twins from another dimension but each other, as well. <--because whats a superhero story without the obligatory Hero vs Hero fight due to misunderstandings?
Its worthless, I tell you!


My biggest problem was with how the book was put together. Now, I read this as a digital book from Hoopla, and not in single issue form on Marvel Unlimited. And the reason I did that was because its a pain in the ass to find all the issues and then read them in the correct order. This one had all the Infinity War issues, plus Warlock and the Infinity Watch, and some other random issues that supposedly related to the story. I figured it would be much easier to just let the professionals do it.
Thats not how the book (or at least the digital one) is put together! The Infinity Wars are in there, then it goes to Warlock and the Infinity Watch (which, at the beginning of each of those issues it tells you which issues of Infinity War its sandwiched between, so THANKS?), then the other randoms are just tacked on at the end.
Hell, I could have bumbled around and put it together better than that.
My point is, those of you who have Marvel Unlimited, just go ahead and grab the issues.


This definitely isnt for everyone, but I enjoyed it.
Also, Im looking for more stuff with Adam Warlock, so if anybody has any suggestions, feel free to drop me a recommendation. <--she says shamelessly using her Goodreads friends
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Avengers: Infinity War is a superhero film, based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. The film was released on April 27, The sequel, Avengers: Endgame , was released on April 26, Half of its passengers have been killed by the Black Order , the children of Thanos. One of them, Ebony Maw , announces that the survivors should rejoice in their defeat by Thanos. With Heimdall and Thor unable to even stand, Loki is brought before Thanos himself. Thor, Heimdall, and Loki soon find out that Thanos, wielding the Infinity Gauntlet already accommodating the Power Stone , had begun his quest of hunting down the Infinity Stones personally.

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