A history of christianity episode 1

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a history of christianity episode 1

A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years by Diarmaid MacCulloch

The author of The Reformation returns with the definitive history of Christianity for our time. Once in a generation a historian will redefine his field, producing a book that demands to be read--a product of electrifying scholarship conveyed with commanding skill. Diarmaid MacCullochs Christianity is such a book. Ambitious, it ranges back to the origins of the Hebrew Bible & covers the world, following the three main strands of the Christian faith.

Christianity will teach modern readers things that have been lost in time about how Jesus message spread & how the New Testament was formed. It follows the Christian story to all corners of the globe, filling in often neglected accounts of conversions & confrontations in Africa & Asia. It discovers the roots of the faith that galvanized America, charting the rise of the evangelical movement from its origins in Germany & England. This book encompasses all of intellectual history--we meet monks & crusaders, heretics & saints, slave traders & abolitionists, & discover Christianitys essential role in driving the Enlightenment & the age of exploration, & shaping the course of WWI & WWII.

We live in a time of tremendous religious awareness, when both believers & non-believers are engaged by questions of religion & tradition, seeking to understand the violence sometimes perpetrated in the name of God. The son of an Anglican clergyman, MacCulloch writes with feeling about faith. His last book, The Reformation, was chosen by dozens of publications as Best Book of the Year & won the Natl Book Critics Circle Award. This inspiring follow-up is a landmark new history of the faith that continues to shape the world.
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Diarmaid MacCulloch's A History of Christianity

1 · Photos. Diarmaid MacCulloch in A History of Christianity () In each episode historian Simon Schama treats, in his own erudite, unconventional .
Diarmaid MacCulloch

A History Of Christianity (2009) s01e01 Episode Script

A high level overview of entire history of Christianty. Diarmaid done a pretty good job of simplifying the entire history without destortion of what happened. Lots to think about really wets the appetite to learn more. Some wonderful pictures of some of the churches around the world. Some discussion with various people about historic developments and some segments of music from different churches. He makes the history come alive by traveling to actual places of the events in history.

But soon they realised that they had created a monster. The history of the Christian Church became my life's work. For me, no other subject can rival its scale and drama. For 2, years Christianity has been one of the great players in world history. Inspiring faith but also squalid politics.

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Broadly speaking, he addresses and narrates to us with a lack of nuance; his interpretation is presented as fact, whilst little time is afforded to Christians to describe their own beliefs and experiences. But what proportion of viewers will be cognisant of the convolution and intricacy of history, and that differing historical artefacts, and differing interpretations of them, render history an inexact science in which scholars regularly have varying views of what took place? - Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch - one of the world's leading historians - reveals the origins of Christianity and explores what it means to be a Christian. When Diarmaid MacCulloch was a small boy, his parents used to drive him round historic churches. Little did they know that they had created a monster, with the history of the Christian Church becoming his life's work. In a series sweeping across four continents, Professor MacCulloch goes in search of Christianity's forgotten origins. The First Christianity. He overturns the familiar story that it all began when the apostle Paul took Christianity from Jerusalem to Rome.

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  1. All episodes of A History of Christianity. The First Christianity. 1/6 Diarmaid MacCulloch shows how Christianity's origins lie east of Jerusalem and Rome.

  2. Episodes[edit]. #, Title, Directed and produced by, Original airdate. 1, "The First Christianity", Gillian Bancroft, 5 November

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