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Water Tales: Aquamarine and Indigo by Alice Hoffman

This book had two good stories in it, but it was disappointing mostly. I bought it expecting it to be a longer novel (it says its a YA novel and it has 198 pages). It only took about an hour to read; it was more appropriate for kids in the third grade than kids in middle or high school. The reason it appears as big as it looks is because the text font is unnecessarily large and the book has a lot of drawings in the margins, mostly of seashells and seaweed. Unfortunately this book doesnt deliver on many levels. The two main characters of the first story are shallow and unoriginal and it was sort of like reading a Disney film for teenagers. Its an okay book if you have an hour to spare, but if you want to read a longer, more in-depth book I wouldnt recommend it.
*PS: its also a 2006 film titled Aquamarine.
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Aquamarine is a American teen fantasy comedy film directed by Elizabeth Allen , loosely based on the young adult novel of the same name by Alice Hoffman. Best friends Claire and Hailey are enjoying their last few days of summer together before Hailey relocates to Australia because of her mother's work. Claire, sensible and slightly naive, looks up to Hailey as a mother figure, after her parents drowned in a boat accident years before, and now lives with her grandparents by the beach. Hailey, who is more daring and adventurous, lives with her single mother in the small beach town after her father left them. They have a slumber party and Hailey prays to the ocean god for a miracle that will make her mother change her mind about moving, and minutes later, a violent storm occurs. The following morning, Claire accidentally falls into the beach club swimming pool and sees something strange, with blue hair and a tail, in the water.

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