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if i stay movie songs

If I Stay Quotes by Gayle Forman

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Heart Like Yours - Willamette Stone :Lyrics on screen:

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If I Stay : A Movie With a Great Message

If I Stay is an epic that asks us to focus on the loves we have in our lives and the importance of pursuing our dreams and passions. Mia Chloe Grace Moretz , a levelheaded high school senior, lives in Portland with her former rock-star, guitar and drums pounding parents, who now live as a schoolteacher and stay-at-home-mom. Even Mia's little brother sits at the kitchen table and drums the tabletop with spoons. They are a family of musicians. But Mia doesn't fit the family mold. She's embraced the cello, listens to Beethoven instead of Alice in Chains, has auditioned for school at Julliard in New York, and is now awaiting the school's response.

If I Stay is a American teen romantic drama film directed by R. Cutler and based on the novel of the same name by Gayle Forman. Mia Hall and her family are getting ready to go on with their normal day activities when it is announced on the radio that school has been canceled. Mia's dad Denny is a teacher and as a result of the snow day does not have to go to work. Mia's mom Kat, a travel agent, decides to call in sick and along with her family get on the road to visit Mia's grandparents who live on a farm.

I If I Stay Lyrics. If I Stay lyrics Soundtrack for Movie, February, 10th If I Stay album description: Tears will literally stand in your eyes thanks to this film. Sensual and sentimental history about how a single moment can change our life, despite the most optimistic plans for the future you have. This is about deciding, this is about life and death, about strongest feeling piercing your heart and, eventually, this is about love.

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We thought we used up all of the world's tissues when we saw The Fault in Our Stars. But with If I Stay out this weekend, get ready to bring out the ugly cry once again! If you haven't read the book it's based on, this story is about a girl named Mia Chloe Grace Moretz who gets into a horrific car crash with her family. Mia is the only survivor, but she's in a coma and has to decide whether to die, or stay and wake up to a world without her family. Enter Adam, Mia's hot rocker boyfriend, who begs her to stay with him. Obviously looks weren't an issue, but Jamie didn't need a ton of help playing a guitar-playing frontman either.



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  1. If I Stay Soundtrack, find all 60 songs from the If I Stay () movie If I Stay ( Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Version] • 17 songs.

  2. Mia is figuring out what to wear on her first date with Adam. Sonata for Solo Cello in B Minor, Op. 8: II. Adam and Mia attend a symphony on their first date; (repeat) Adam plays on his phone through headphones for Mia while she was in a coma.

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