What movies did shirley temple play in

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what movies did shirley temple play in

Child Star by Shirley Temple Black

Shirley Temple Black-- the quintessential child star of the 30s and 40s--tells in her own words the colorful story of her life as an actress.
Born in 1928 in southern California, Shirley Temple was extraordinary from the start. At the age of three, she began acting, often in exploitative films directed and produced by some abusive studio executives. But Shirleys talent and perseverance could not be thwarted, and she soon entered a fruitful relationship with Twentieth Century Fox. Before long she was making films with the top stars of the day, including Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard, Lionel Barrymore, Joel McCrea and many others.
There was something magical about Shirley Temple that cheered the soul of America during the Depression. She was the number one movie star of the nation for four consecutive years, from 1935 through 1938.
In Child Star Shirley Temple Black reveals the whole story, the ups and downs of life as a Hollywood prodigy--including numerous kidnap threats and even a murder attempt against her.
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When her rendition of the song "On a Good Ship Lollipop" became famous in the s, she earned a special Academy Award.
Shirley Temple Black

Shirley Temple

For many, Shirley Temple is one of two things: an old-timey child actress with bouncy blonde ringlets or the super sweet non-alcoholic beverage you can order at a bar. While those facts are certainly the ones that stuck, Temple's life involved way more than just grenadine mocktails and cutesy performances. According to her biography , Temple was born in Santa Monica, California in Just one year after Temple's birth, the Great Depression hit the nation. Nevertheless, the Temple family had their youngest daughter enrolled in dance classes when she was a toddler and, after landing a contract with Educational Pictures, the curly-haired little girl became a superstar in a matter of years. At a time when banks were closing at rapid rates , Temple's father took up work as his daughter's agent and financial advisor. Without their daughter's rapid success, the Temple family may have ended up living a very different life.

Shirley Temple is, possibly, the greatest child star that ever was or ever will be. At the very least, she will certainly go down in history as the most universally popular. Between the ages of 7 and 10, she was the top box-office draw for 4 years in a row, beating out other popular actors like Clark Gable and Jean Harlow. Appearing in her breakout role in the film Stand Up and Cheer at the age of 5, she was a little girl with a near-prodigy level talent for dance, singing, and acting she even has a tap combination named after her. But Shirley is best remembered as the little girl that made the country smile at a time when we really needed it and she somehow managed to do it without a single complaint. Even after retiring from acting at the age of 22, Shirley Temple went on to do even more miraculous things in her adult years.

She led the list of top box-office stars for four consecutive years in the s. Following her retirement from movies at the age of 22, she embarked on a career in diplomacy that included appointments as the U. Shirley Temple was born into a modest family. Her father worked at a bank, and her mother was a homemaker. However, Temple's mother encouraged the development of her singing, dancing, and acting talents from a very early age. He signed her to a contract and featured the young girl in two series of short films "Baby Burlesks" and "Frolics of Youth. He arranged for a screen test with Fox Films, and she appeared in the feature film "Stand Up and Cheer.

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Formal headshot portrait of actor Shirley Temple wearing a low cut evening dress, posing with flowers. We may remember Shirley Temple most for the films she did as a child actress in which she sang, dance, and dimpled her way through life. Shirley Temple was the biggest star of the s, all before she even hit double digits. Temple in "The Blue Bird". Shirley Temple Was a Has-Been at Age 12 Shirley Temple, born in , began her entertainment career at age four, and within a few years, she was the biggest box office draw of the decade.

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