Norwegian world war 2 movie

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norwegian world war 2 movie

We Die Alone: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance by David Howarth

If this story of espionage & survival were a novel, readers might dismiss the Shackleton-like exploits of its hero as too fantastic to be taken seriously. But respected historian David A. Howarth confirmed the details of Jan Baalsruds riveting tale. It begins in the spring of 43, with Norway occupied by the Nazis & the Allies desperate to open the northern sea lanes to Russia. Baalsrud & three compatriots plan to smuggle themselves into their homeland by boat, spend the summer recruiting & training resistance fighters & launch a surprise attack on a German airbase. But hes betrayed shortly after landfall. A quick fight leaves Baalsrud alone & trapped on a freezing island above the Arctic Circle. Hes poorly clothed (one foot entirely bare), has a headstart of only a few hundred yards on his Nazi pursuers & leaves a trail of blood as he crosses the snow. How he avoids capture & ultimately escapes--revealing that much spoils nothing in this white-knuckle narrative--is astonishing stuff. Baalsruds feats make the travails in Jon Krakauers Mt Everest classic Into Thin Air look like childs play. This amazing book will disappoint no one.--John J. Miller (edited)
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THE KING'S CHOICE (2017) - Official HD Trailer

Max Manus: Man of War is a Norwegian biographical war film based on the real events of the life of resistance fighter Max Manus 9 December — 20 September The film stays largely historically accurate, but omits some events, and moves some of the supporting characters around to show them taking part in events in place of others.
David Howarth

Review: World War II-set Norwegian thriller ‘The 12th Man’ has the right stuff

Its intent is to show us how difficult it is to see clearly during times of crisis, how what seems as simple as black and white today was the source of uncertainty and soul-searching when it happened. For the conflicts in this film go beyond the obvious one between invading Germans and invaded Norwegians. Before the film properly begins, type on screen fills in non-Norwegians on essential backstory. Norway broke away from Sweden in to become its own country and chose a Danish royal, who took the name Haakon VII, to be its new king, with his infant son becoming the newly minted Crown Prince Olav. Olav Anders Baasmo Christiansen is in a less cheerful mood.

Sign in. Unrated min Drama, History, Thriller. They were 12 saboteurs. The Nazis killed 11 of them. This is the true story of the one who got away Votes: 13, Not Rated min Action, Biography, Drama.

The 12th Man Norwegian : Den Shooting script by Harald Zwart. The book and its film adaptation have the same protagonist as Arne Skouen 's Oscar-nominated film Nine Lives , in which Baalrud's courage and stamina were also emphasized. Unlike the book it is based on, The 12th Man heavily emphasizes the efforts of those who helped Baalsrud escape, which is in line with Baalsrud's own statements about the local population's courage. According to German documents, the Nazis believed that the entire resistance group had perished in a blast, meaning that there are no reports indicating that the Germans even knew to hunt for Baalsrud. Baalsrud himself, however, claims that he killed two German soldiers in the fight, which would have definitely created a sharp German response.

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  1. Film studios continue to revisit this theme even 75 years after the events that these films portray.

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