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first blood book vs movie

First Blood - Book vs. Movie: First Blood Showing 1-10 of 10

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Published 16.05.2019

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First Blood (novel)

Mar 24, AM. The movie sucks compared to the book. The book tells a much more dramatic and potent story than the movie's souless montage of car chases, explosions, and gunfights. I really liked the movie, It was of of my favorites growing up. But I agree with you the book is WAY better this is how the movie should have been made. I like both, but the book is much better in my opinion. More brutal too.

He is picked up by Sheriff Teasle himself a Korean War veteran and dropped off at the city limits. When Rambo repeatedly returns, Teasle finally arrests him and drives him to the station. He is charged with vagrancy and resisting arrest and is sentenced to 35 days in jail.
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In the movie Sheriff Will Teasle Brian Dennehy sees Rambo and instantly dislikes him, simply because of his appearance, as if his very existence is a threat to his peaceful community. He offers Rambo a ride out of town, but when after being dropped off Rambo just turns right around and heads back into town, which results in an angry Teasle arresting him. Rambo, of course, returns to the town and a frustrated Teasle finally arrest him for vagrancy, and then for resisting arrest when Rambo refuses to get into the back of squad car. He gives Rambo multiple chances to leave peacefully and only gets hot under the collar when Rambo continues to give him attitude. Welcome to 80s action movies. Now in the book Galt is portrayed as a slightly inexperienced police officer, not the complete asshat as seen in the movie, and when Rambo loses it when they try to shave him, and Gault goes for his gun when Rambo gets a hold of the straight razor, and then Rambo guts Galt.

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  1. Rambo creator David Morrell has reflected on how the character was radically transformed from page to screen, and how he continues to shift in subsequent movie sequels.

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