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ebert presents at the movies

The Great Movies by Roger Ebert

America’s most trusted and best-known film critic Roger Ebert presents one hundred brilliant essays on some of the best movies ever made. 

For the past five years Roger Ebert, the famed film writer and critic, has been writing biweekly essays for a feature called The Great Movies, in which he offers a fresh and fervent appreciation of a great film. The Great Movies collects one hundred of these essays, each one of them a gem of critical appreciation and an amalgam of love, analysis, and history that will send readers back to that film with a fresh set of eyes and renewed enthusiasm–or perhaps to an avid first-time viewing. Ebert’s selections range widely across genres, periods, and nationalities, and from the highest achievements in film art to justly beloved and wildly successful popular entertainments. Roger Ebert manages in these essays to combine a truly populist appreciation for our most important form of popular art with a scholar’s erudition and depth of knowledge and a sure aesthetic sense. Wonderfully enhanced by stills selected by Mary Corliss, film curator at the Museum of Modern Art, The Great Movies is a treasure trove for film lovers of all persuasions, an unrivaled guide for viewers, and a book to return to again and again.

The Great Movies includes: All About Eve • Bonnie and Clyde • Casablanca • Citizen Kane • The Godfather • Jaws • La Dolce Vita • Metropolis • On the Waterfront • Psycho • The Seventh Seal • Sweet Smell of Success • Taxi Driver • The Third Man • The Wizard of Oz • and eighty-five more films.

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Ebert Presents At the Movies Review

Ebert Presents: At the Movies was a weekly, nationally syndicated movie review television program produced and presented by film critic Roger Ebert and.
Roger Ebert

'Ebert Presents At The Movies' May End Its Run Next Month Over Funding Issues

Sign in. Ignatiy Vishnevetsky and Christy Lemire review new films opening this week. Christy, Ignatiy, and Roger each name their choices for the five best films of and the single worst film of the year. Get a quick look at the the week's trailers, including Villains , Countdown , Like a Boss , and more. Watch now.

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Ebert Presents: At the Movies was a weekly, nationally syndicated movie review television program produced and presented by film critic Roger Ebert and co-produced by his wife, Chaz Ebert. The program aired on public television stations in the United States through American Public Television. The show continued the format originated by Ebert and Gene Siskel on their first show, Sneak Previews , and continued on At the Movies with Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert and later At the Movies , [1] in which two film critics discuss the week's new releases and occasional theme episodes, such as "The Best Films of the Year". The program premiered on January 21, but went into permanent hiatus at the end of the year after Ebert reported that the show had difficulties finding financial underwriting. Ebert returned to television on this show for the first time since his emergency operation in that took his ability to speak. On November 6, , Ebert announced in a post on his blog that he and Chaz had paid for the first season themselves in hopes of finding corporate underwriting for subsequent seasons, and the program would have to be cancelled if that funding could not be arranged. In a subsequent blog entry posted on November 30, , Ebert stated that the show would go on hiatus at the end of the year, and the last episode aired in late December.

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That they very often disagreed was a weekly lesson in subjectivity. After Siskel died in , Ebert teamed up with Richard Roeper until, in , he lost part of his jaw to thyroid cancer, rendering him unable to speak. Herzog did a fine Roger Ebert, and even a fairly nifty prosthetic chin pales a bit when compared with the ability to whistle up Herzog as your voice-over. Still, it was rather anticlimactic, the Ebert appearance, and the question becomes: Is there still a place for a television show featuring two film critics sitting around talking? Scott, was canceled after one season. And Lemire and Vishnevetsky appeared quite nervous and stiff.

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  1. Weekly half-hour film review program continuing the year-old movie review format pioneered by Roger Ebert with Gene Siskel and later with Richard Roeper .

  2. Christy Lemire of The Associated Press and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky of harryandrewmiller.com are co-hosts of "Ebert Presents at the Movies." The two experienced and respected critics also introduce special segments featuring other contributors and the Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Roger Ebert.

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