Will there be a 4th riddick

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will there be a 4th riddick

The Chronicles of Riddick by Alan Dean Foster

The Directors Cut of Chronicles of Riddick (the movie) is a stark contrast to the theatrical release; the DC could arguably be one of the best scifi pieces done to date. Having seen there was a novel adaptation, I grabbed it right away.

I seem to recall reading work by Alan Dean Foster before and not finding it bad.

God in HEAVEN this book is hacky and awful. It does to the screenplay what the theatrical version did: it over-explains obvious items (to the point of talking down to you as the viewer) and then leaves other important information deliberately obscure if not outright omitted.

Allow me to quote a choice passage:

There was nothing more he could do. He knew Riddick well enough to know that even had that been able to restrain him, they would not have been able to compel him to do anything he himself did not want to do. Easier to move a mountain. That was only a matter of physics.
There was no equation to explain Riddick.
It was a beautiful, clear night. Clear as noontime to Riddick, who shunned the daylight. A quick check behind him showed that no one was following him. Imam knew better, he assumed. Not that the delegate or his clerical friends could have stayed on Riddicks track for more than a few meters had they tried to follow him. The big man moved too fast, too silently. He could not disappear in a blur like an Elemental--but it would seem to others that he could come close.

Some quick facts about the above:
-Bear in mind this is only about the tenth time weve been told about Riddicks SPECIAL EYES THAT DO NOT ENJOY FULLY BRIGHT LIGHT.
-Riddick moves too fast for some reason. Too silently as well, he actually takes away noise rather than creates it.
-I mean, read it. God damn it.

I would have actually been able to forgive some pretty bad flaws because Im so in love with the fluff and worldlore of Riddick, but this book actually ANGERED me and is a patent example of how you can butcher anything with a poor enough talent.

Thank you, Alan Dean Foster. Thank you for taking an incredible intellectual property and wiping your behind with it.
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When Riddick finally finds his home planet, he has no idea what's in store for him. A sequel to last year's list, this will grow to be a huge list of films releasing in.
Alan Dean Foster

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The upcoming film will of course follow Riddick, a notorious criminal with eyes that can see in the dark. Soon bounty hunters from throughout the galaxy descend on Riddick only to find themselves pawns in his greater scheme for revenge. With his enemies right where he wants them, Riddick unleashes a vicious attack of vengeance before returning to Furya to save it from destruction. Diesel showed off the finished script in a video posted to his Instagram account. In the clip the actor and his daughter can be seen practicing archery. Gain access to exclusive interviews with industry creatives, think pieces, trend forecasts, guides and more. Receive the latest updates, breaking stories and headlining articles curated by our editorial team just for you.

Vin Diesel drops a few more details about Riddick 4...

Here's a quick update on the fourth planned Riddick movie., The Chronicles of Riddick , also called Pitch Black , is a science fiction action media franchise created in by David Twohy spanning three live-action feature films , a direct-to-DVD animated film , two video games for PC and consoles , one motion comic , one mobile game , and two novelizations.

At the moment it would appear that we should be seeing a Riddick 4 in the years to come, perhaps even sooner than we think, but what it will be about is still up in the air since no one is giving up any real plot details other than the most broad and possibly expansive when it comes to the setting. Of course it had Radha Mitchell and Keith David as well as Vin Diesel , but for the most part the majority of the cast had been supporting characters throughout their careers leading up to that point. But the part of Riddick is what helped to launch Vin Diesel into a new level of fame when it came to this series. Whether the upcoming movie will be a prequel or origin story is uncertain, but one thing anyone can be sure about is that it will be highly anticipated by fans. His race, the Furians, had been wiped off the face of Furia by the Necromongers, who he met in The Chronicles of Riddick and subsequently went to war against.

Six years after cult sci-fi film Riddick hit cinemas and 19! Related: Avengers: Endgame 's Vin Diesel confirms he's joined Avatar sequel and reveals why he's doing it. As well as making an intriguing comment about archery and Hannibal, Vin Diesel confirmed that he had received a script for the next Riddick sequel, Furya , from writer and series creator David Twohy. Wishing his fans a "happy creative Sunday", Vin presented the sneakiest of peeks of Riddick 4 the tagline: "Everyone wants to be a beast until it's time to do what beasts do. Details on Furya are currently scant, but earlier hints from Vin Diesel suggest the fourth film will be an origin story of sorts, which will reveal "where it all began with that dark character Riddick".


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  1. Vin Diesel reveals that the script for Riddick 4 is done, and has the video to prove it brings back Diesel's Pitch Black character for yet another adventure. So now there's a script for Riddick 4: Furya (Furya is Riddick's homeworld) nothing is official yet, and we have no idea if Riddick 4 will ever get made.

  2. Vin Diesel has revealed Riddick 4: Furya's script over on Instagram, from Vin Diesel suggest the fourth film will be an origin story of sorts.

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