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my secret cleaner as seen on tv

Zeugin der Toten (Judith Kepler, #1) by Elisabeth Herrmann

3.5 stars

This started really well. It was complex and clever, with a ballsy main character who cleans crime scenes for living, and set amongst the labyrinthine politics and espionage of East Germany. It made me think of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, layered with conspiracy and the double cross.

Then at almost exactly 50% in it...faltered.

The forward momentum ground to a halt, it was sideways trips to all over the place and unnecessary meetings and throwing every possible character into the mix to escalate the confusion. It lost me. And it was not that pleasurable confusion you get when youre sure the author is building to something explosive, more that I became more sure that it had all escaped their control. I pushed on through to the end because I had been so engaged in the beginning, but it never reached those heights again. The finale was flat, drawn out, and unconvincing. If I wasnt reading the same names, Id have thought the second half was a different book, thats how stark the divide felt to me.

Disappointing overall, but it hasnt put me off trying the next offering from the author.

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