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Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton

The three stars is not for Stantons HONY photographs, which are fascinating, gorgeous, heartbreaking, humbling, and yes, human. Rather the lower score is for the layout and format of this book. It seems like the designer had no idea how to present photographs, the publisher lost a battle over the format, and an editor cut the captions with too heavy a hand. Too many beautiful pictures are broken awkwardly over the gutter, destroying their impact, and the squat, vertical trim is all wrong for showing photographs. Even the paper sucked up the colors which are often so dazzling online. Most hurtful, though, were the truncated captions, which often reduced the sentiment to jokes, or worse, mockery of the subject . . . which is something alien to the spirit of Humans of New York. So five stars for Brandon Stantons photographs, and a mere three stars for their physical presentation. I sincerely hope they fix the issues in the next collection. (And meanwhile, Im buying a few copies of this book to present to friends.)
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Humans of New York

If you'd like to join the HONY Patreon: I'm starting a Patreon for anyone who would like to take part in supporting Humans of New York.
Brandon Stanton

'Humans of New York' Facebook page shares harrowing story of institutional abuse

After Humans of New York shared a story on Facebook about a young boy in Iran earlier this week, President Obama left a comment calling the story "inspirational. Each photo is captioned with an anecdote or piece of advice from the person in the picture. Today, the project has over 14 million Facebook fans and HONY's creator, Brandon Stanton, has traveled around the world shooting pictures of people and telling peoples' stories. Currently, Stanton is photographing in Iran. On Thursday, Stanton shared a photo of a father and son in Tabriz, Iran. He's a very emotional young man," the father explains about his son in the caption.

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The show was created by Brandon Stanton, the man behind the hugely popular photography series which gained much of its millions-strong following on Facebook of the same title. As a photography series, Humans of New York was captivating for its sheer simplicity: a single photograph of a New Yorker, generally on the street, in the park, on a train, or in any of the public spaces that allows for the unmediated encounters the series collected, and which are so intrinsic to the identity of the city itself. The only accompaniment was a caption in which the subject shared anything from their life story to a stray remark. As a video series, Humans of New York doesn't expand on this premise so much as render it more dynamic. Beautifully filmed by cinematographer Michael Crommett, the show knows how to draw the eye to the details in subjects' faces, from make-up to silver hair to faint wrinkles, in a way that makes it feel as if the viewer is invited to accompany the series' crew in their own discovery of the subject. These are brief segments, culled from a vast archive of 1, interviews captured over days, but they are intentionally fragmentary: Often, an interviewee appears answering a question we didn't hear and can only guess at, or realizes what they really think only in mid-response. People reveal themselves unintentionally.

Based on the popular internet blog , the show includes intimate and candid conversations with strangers on the streets of New York City. Stanton began production on the show in June and has amassed over days worth of filming and interviewed more than 1, people. Stanton partnered with documentary producer Julie Goldman on the series after she had screened some of the footage he had already shot. Humans of New York: The Series has been met with a generally positive reception from critics upon its release. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Motto Pictures Unsold Productions.

The 'Humans of New York' community are calling for ways to help a man after the experiences he had in a care home were featured on the site. The Facebook page, which profiles ordinary people in New York and sometimes around the world, posted a series of three images on the one man this week. Fans of the page are shocked by the man's story, which is harrowing. Many are calling for some sort of fundraiser to be started to help the man get off the streets. The story, as explained to photographer Brandon Stanton, begins with the man explaining how he ended up in a care home. The second installment deals with the harrowing abuse he and others suffered at the hands of the carers.

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