Key ideas in gestalt therapy are

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key ideas in gestalt therapy are

Gestalt Therapy, An Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Gestalt Therapy by Hanne Hostrup

Gestalt Therapy is primarily an introductory textbook. It offers a clear and sober presentation of the values, theories, method, and techniques of gestalt therapy. In addition, it describes the various applications of gestalt therapy and the associated ethical and practical conditions.

Originally, gestalt therapy was developed as a therapy of neurosis, but although its basic concepts remain the same, gestalt therapy has been expanded and refined in both theory and practice, and today it constitutes a modern form of psychotherapy suitable as both a form of developmental therapy and a treatment for a wide range of client categories with many different mental disorders.

The book discusses the impact of the U.S. origins of gestalt therapy and underlines the importance of a high degree of sensitivity to cultural aspects as gestalt therapy spreads throughout the world. It is crucial that gestalt therapists consider the culture and the social conditions which form the context for their practice of gestalt therapy.

Gestalt Therapy is aimed at gestalt therapy students, psychologists, students of psychology, and health professionals.

Hanne Hostrup graduated as a psychologist from the University of Copenhagen in 1978. Licentiate degree in 1983. Additional training as a gestalt therapist in USA with Jim Simkin and Bob Martin. She has been running a private clinic for 25 years, has provided training and supervision in gestalt therapy to psychologists, and currently works mainly as a speaker, writer, and workshop leader. In addition to this introduction to gestalt therapy, Hanne Hostrup is the author of several, highly acclaimed books.
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GESTALT THERAPY (Simply Explained)

Several years ago, I attended a reception for a faculty member whom we had recently hired in our department.
Hanne Hostrup

Gestalt Therapy

Be found at the exact moment they are searching. Sign Up and Get Listed. Gestalt therapy , developed by Fritz Perls , Laura Perls, and Paul Goodman in the s, is an experiential and humanistic form of therapy that was originally designed as an alternative to conventional psychoanalysis. Gestalt therapists and their clients use creative and experiential techniques to enhance awareness, freedom, and self-direction. The word gestalt comes from the German word meaning shape or form, and it references the character or essence of something.

Gestalt therapy dates back to the s and was developed by Fritz Perls. A type of psychotherapy, it works on the basis that everyone is a whole comprised of mind, body and soul, as described by the relational theory principle. It looks at present state, making use of self-awareness and what is going on here and now. This is key to developing full potential, promoting personal growth and works to remove any blocks that may be created due to negative thoughts and behaviour. If you are feeling unhappy with your life and lacking any sense of satisfaction, then Gestalt therapy may be recommended.

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations And you are not in this world to live up to mine. If not, it cannot be helped. It was developed as a revision to psychoanalysis and focuses on an experiential and humanistic approach rather than analysis of the unconscious which was one of the main therapeutic tools at the time Gestalt Therapy was employed. Gestalt Therapy rejects the dualities of mind and body, body and soul, thinking and feeling, and feeling and action. According to Perls, people are not made up of separate components, this is, mind, body and soul, rather human beings function as a whole.

Gestalt therapy was developed by Fritz Perls , Laura Perls and Paul Goodman in the s and s, and was first described in the book Gestalt Therapy.
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