Going on a trip to find yourself

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going on a trip to find yourself

Finding Yourself Quotes (238 quotes)

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Not only is traveling the best schooling there is, it also helps you get to know yourself better, to listen to yourself and in the end to find yourself. Sometimes it all just is too much. You long for some down time for yourself. Nothing and nobody who demands anything from you, no responsibilities and no plans — just you and yourself. In this time we take more care of others than we do of ourselves.

Someone you used to know, suddenly transformed after venturing around the world. All their old dreams vanished and they come home all worldly with their stories and new-found carefree attitudes. Kind of annoying, really. Honestly, I hate that phrase. But the truth is, travel does change things.

The year was and it was a chilly night in early March in Nottingham, United Kingdom. My soul was restless and my friends in the UK were busy preparing for their various exams. Bored out of my mind, I did the unthinkable. For the first time in my life, I went online and booked myself a one-way trip out of town. The next day, I packed my bags, left a note on my door, and left. It was my first time travelling alone, and the first time I had done so on impulse.

Through travel, our feet learn how to form their own paths and our heart begins to beat to a different rhythm.
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If you're inspired by movies like Wild, Tracks, or plan to eat-pray-love your way to purpose and contentment this spring break, you might be feeling the need to venture out in search of your highest self. No matter your destination, it's all about what you pack.

I came to India on a soul-searching mission. Getting drunk under the stars? Getting a tattoo and practicing meditation? People feel the need to find themselves for different reasons; perhaps because they are unhappy in their job, their relationship or they just feel they need to get away from everything for a bit and more so than just a quick holiday. For me, I was still in the midst of my Quarter Life Crisis and needed to figure out the direction I wanted my life to go in. I spent a week lying on the beach in Agonda , before travelling through the state of Kerala. That first week I did absolutely nothing, save for read, sunbathe and eat delicious vegan food.

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