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stephen king horror stories pdf

Laurie by Stephen King

An unexpected added short story to a recently released novella by Stephen King. Quite an interesting tale that mixes some unique character development with King’s trademark gory depictions at some points. A recent widower, Lloyd welcomes his sister’s visit to Florida. However, it would seem that this is more than a simple visit, but a family attempt to help a depressed older man. Lloyd is introduced to a puppy that is being left for him, something that might help distract from his recently departed wife. Lloyd hesitates and struggles to housetrain the little ball of fur, but Laurie soon creates a canine bond with her master. They find their niche and undertake a basic routine, including walks around the neighbourhood. When their walk takes them by a body of water, things go sour, forcing Lloyd and Laurie to take matters into their own hands. What might have started out as an awkward relationship soon develops into something that warms the heart. A nice filler that fans of Stephen King will likely find just up their alley.

While not everyone can admit to liking Stephen King or his work, I have come to find much of his work quite entertaining for its unique approach to the every day. In this short piece, King has little time to develop his characters, though does well with painting Lloyd as a man who pines for his departed wife but who does not want help with his sorrow. He has been losing weight and surely could use some companionship, but refuses to admit it to a doting sister. When introduced to Laurie, Lloyd pushes back, but soon has little choice but to act as master, sucking up all his resentments. From there, it’s all about the slow and ongoing connection between man and his dog. They come together with ease, even if it is somewhat jagged at the start. Lloyd comes to accept his fate and seems to embrace it, given time and his set of rules. The story was well written and kept my interest for the brief time it took to complete. King never ceases to amaze me, as he can grip my attention with long, drawn-out novels just as much as short stories that take only a cup of coffee to complete.

Kudos, Mr. King, for another great story that held my attention throughout. Even with a little gore, I can see many readers finding it to their liking.

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10 Scariest Stephen King Novels

120+ Stephen King Short Stories and Where to Find Them

Two years ago, as part of our annual Halloween celebrations here at Blastr, we rounded up a collection of scary short stories from great horror writers available to read for free online. We had so much fun that we came back and did it again with a new crop of stories last year. So we saw no reason not to keep the tradition going for Halloween , and we went out and found a few more spooky tales that you can go read right now, for free. This year's tales come from icons of the past like H. They include classic weird fiction, dark fantasy, Bram Stoker Award-winning horror and more, and they're all just a click away. Check out the stories below, and get ready to stay up all night reading.

Stephen King, who is as well known for his prodigiously prolific output of fiction as he is for his finely crafted horror, has written over short stories in his career so far. Many of which have been captured in 11 anthologies of short fiction spanning to You can find an alphabetical list of every short story on his website, each with a date and location of publication, and a list of anthologies as well. Lengths vary, subject matters vary, and you will never find a more comprehensive list of ordinary objects turned into terrifying monsters A laundry press! I would even argue that King is strongest in this abbreviated form. Something about the succinctness of the short story brings out the best in his writing.

Stephen King, one of the most established authors in the world today, is by no means an unfamiliar author, maybe unfavoured in terms of writing style for some, but definitely not in terms of fame. A person who champions reading as a prerequisite to better writing, he writes 2, words a day and has sold more than million copies, many of which have been adapted to various film types. The best part about this is that some of his work under this category are available for free. Richard Bachman , a pseudonym used by King to test out if his popularity was solely based on his already influential name or simply because of his talent in writing. Turned out the latter was the winner. King was working as a janitor in a high-school , where he got the idea of the prom scene in Carrie. After Carrie, it was just a matter of time before a long list of books were published.

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Stephen King Short Stories Online

Simply because of my tastes, most of these skew dark if not outright horror, but they also tend to skew deep and thoughtful. Emphasis on now , given the temporary nature of websites and linking. If you can get ahold of any of those four from your library or favorite bookstore, I highly recommend them. Most are normal links to full text stories, some are links to PDFs, and one is to an audio production. Regardless, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! They're in no particular order. Read it courtesy of Project Gutenberg.

There's no doubt that writer Stephen King is best known for the horror novels that haunt his special corner of American literature. In fact, there are plenty of examples of genre-mixing in his writing. It can be hard to make a distinction between King's true horror books and those that happen to have some scary moments in them. But that's why we're here. We've made a ranked list of ten pure horror novels by King that we think will keep you up for plenty of nights to come. A Halloween treat! We really tried to focus on novels where horror was at the forefront of the story, where without the scares, the book wouldn't be a book at all.

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