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the road back erich maria remarque pdf

The Road Back by Erich Maria Remarque

The last combats and skirmishes… Peace is nearing… However death still keeps doing its dire work… And the dread doesn’t let go.
“Gas shells!” shouts Willy, springing up.
We are all awake now and listening intently.
Wessling points into the air. “There they are! Wild geese!”
Moving darkly against the drab grey of the clouds is a streak, a wedge, its point steering toward the moon. It cuts across its red disc. The black shadows are plainly visible, an angle of many wings, a column of squalling, strange, wild cries, that loses itself in the distance.
“Off they go,” growls Willy. “Damn it all – if only we could pull out like that! Two wings and away.”

The war is over and the road back home lies ahead… For those who have managed to deceive death and survive.
The wide, grey square is much too big for us. Across it sweeps a bleak November wind smelling of decay and death. We are lined up between the canteen and the guard-room, more space we do not require. The wide, empty square about us wakes woeful memories. There, rank on rank, invisible, stand the dead.

The war is over but its echo is long and sorrowful: horrendous memories, nightmares, madness, nervous breakdowns, psychological traumas, suicides, alienation…
The things here are stronger – the things that differentiate us from one another are too powerful. The common interest is no longer decisive. It has broken up already, and given place to the interest of the individual. Now and then something still will shine through from that other time when we all wore the same rig, but already it is diminished and dim. These others here are still our comrades, and yet our comrades no longer – that is what is so sad. All else went west in the war, but comradeship we did believe, in; now only to find that what death could not do, life is achieving – it is driving us asunder.

The gory wave of war retreats and on the shore of peace crippled bodies, crippled minds, crippled souls and ruined fates are left… And generals are already readying new wars…
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Erich Maria Remarque

The novel was first serialized in the German newspaper Vossische Zeitung between December and January , and published in book form in April It details the experience of young men in Germany who have returned from the trenches of World War I and are trying to integrate back into society.
Erich Maria Remarque

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Look Inside. Jan 27, ISBN Oct 01, ISBN After four grueling years, the Great War has finally ended. Now Ernst and the few men left from his company cannot help wondering what will become of them. The town they departed as eager young men seems colder, their homes smaller, the reasons their comrades had to die even more inexplicable.

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On 31 July Remarque was severely wounded near Houthulst, Flanders, and sent to a military hospital in Duisburg, where he stayed until the armistice. After the war Remarque worked as an elementary school teacher and then after as a journalist in Hannover and Berlin. His anti-war novel Im Westen nichts Neues All Quiet on the Western Front , first published in , became an international success and provoked a controversial discussion on the representation and interpretation of World War I in Germany. Remarque remained in exile, living in Switzerland, France , and the U. In the novels, short stories, plays, and film scripts he wrote after Im Westen nichts Neues , Remarque focused on the fate of ordinary people in times of war, persecution and inhumanity. His immense international success and reputation was shaped by his strong commitment to pacifism and humanism. Schneider, Thomas: Remarque, Erich Maria , in: online.

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