Who separated bangladesh from pakistan

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who separated bangladesh from pakistan

Partition Quotes (28 quotes)

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Why is Bangladesh still poor after separation from Pakistan?

History of Bangladesh

Although the boundaries of East Bengal were based ostensibly on religion, they did not entirely reflect it. Owing to disagreements between the Hindu and Muslim contingents of the commission tasked with delimiting the province, the frontiers were ultimately determined by the head of the commission, Sir Cyril Radcliffe. Excluded wholly or partly from East Bengal were such Muslim majority districts as Murshidabad and Nadia; included, however, were Khulna , which was nearly half Muslim, and the Chittagong Hill Tracts, where Muslims constituted only a small fraction of the population. Even Sylhet , a predominantly Muslim district of Assam that joined Pakistan through a referendum, lost a part of its territory to India. The partition catalyzed large-scale migration on both sides of the new boundary as hundreds of thousands of people who believed themselves to be members of a threatened minority moved into what they perceived as a place of refuge. Along with Muslim Bengalis arriving in East Bengal from Hindu majority districts, there were many Muslims who came from other parts of India, mostly from Bihar. Failing to earn the support of Jinnah, who had become the first governor-general of Pakistan, Suhrawardy stayed in India to work with Gandhi for communal harmony, and Khwaza Nazimuddin became chief minister of East Bengal.

Bangladesh and Pakistan are both South Asian Muslim-majority countries. Pakistan formerly West Pakistan recognized Bangladesh in after pressure from across the Muslim world. Bangladesh continues to call on Pakistan to acknowledge and apologize for war crimes committed during the Bangladesh genocide. Diplomatic sources in Islamabad told the media that Rahman was involved in "terror activities in Pakistan" and that concerned security agencies continued to monitor her. Both are classified as Next Eleven emerging economies.

In August , the British decided to end their year long rule in the Indian subcontinent and to divide it into two separate nations , Muslim-majority Pakistan and Hindu-majority India. The process of partition, however, was not simple. In addition to the British-controlled territories, the subcontinent also consisted of many other territories under French, Portuguese or Omani rule, as well as more than sovereign princely states ruled by local monarchs. Follow Al Jazeera's coverage of the 70 years of India-Pakistan partition. Upon independence, the British gave the princely states the option to join India or Pakistan - by signing the Instrument of Accession - or to remain independent. Some of these territories and princely states did not become part of India or Pakistan until recently. Today, Kashmir remains the only region of British India that has not been integrated into one of the two nations or gained independence.

Modern Bangladesh emerged as an independent nation in after breaking away and achieving independence from Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War. The country's borders corresponded with the major portion of the ancient and historic region of Bengal in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent , where civilization dates back over four millennia, to the Chalcolithic.
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The roots of 1971

The war resulted in Bangladesh's independence from Pakistan. Pakistan's partition from India in had arisen from the 'two-nation' thesis that Muslims and Hindus in India were both 'nations' whose people could not live together.

In Bangladesh, is a distant memory, erased by the bloody liberation war against Pakistan. It was May 16, , when soldiers from the Pakistan army rounded up all the Hindu men in Jogisu village in the Rajshahi district, about km from Dhaka, the capital of what was then East Pakistan and is now Bangladesh. There were 42 in total. They were all shot dead and the Muslim villagers were ordered to dig a hole in which their bodies would be dumped. Nine widows in white saris recounted the scene for a show I was filming on the atrocities committed during the Bangladesh war of independence, fought between Pakistan , then known as West Pakistan, and East Pakistan and India.


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  1. The Muslim League did not want Bengal to be divided, and wanted it fully included in Pakistan. However, the Congress.

  2. Bangladesh and Pakistan are both South Asian Muslim-majority countries. Following the end of had been the main political opponent of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, came into power in the aftermath of Bangladesh's separation from Pakistan.

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