Patients come second discussion questions

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patients come second discussion questions

Patients Come Second: Leading Change by Changing the Way You Lead by Paul Spiegelman


Americans enjoy the finest healthcare delivery system in the world, but most people will tell you that we still have a long way to go. Far too frequently, patients leave the doctor’s office or hospital feeling confused, angry, or neglected. Healthcare leaders recognize this problem, but in their focus on patients (and sometimes financials), they often overlook the true key to lasting patient loyalty and satisfaction: their employees.

Patients Come Second shakes up the traditional healthcare model, arguing that in order to care for and retain patients, leaders must first create exceptional teams and find ways to engage nurses, administrative staff, physicians, supervisors, and even housekeeping staff and switchboard operators. By connecting employees’ work with a higher purpose and equipping them with the tools to become leaders themselves, patient care can be dramatically transformed. And with continuing healthcare changes on the horizon and ever-rising pressure to acquire and keep patients, doing so now is more important than ever.

Britt Berrett, president of an 898-bed hospital, and Paul Spiegelman, founder and CEO of a successful patient-experience company, are the perfect guides to the changes needed in healthcare leadership. With a rich combined experience in their field, they have filled each chapter with an abundance of engaging, insightful stories and write with a humor and friendliness that balances and enhances the urgency of their message.

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Summit 2013 - Patients Come Second - Britt Berrett

Patients Come Second, Employees Come First and Britt Berrett, CEO of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, discussed the topic of.
Paul Spiegelman

Patients Come Second: Why Not?

Last week I finished reading a book about leadership and employee engagement, Patients Come Second. It was written by a health system CEO and the chief cult. The combination of both their perspectives really does highlight how anyone working in healthcare is the patient experience. Because lately we hear so much about how patients come first. Thus, I guess, patients really do come second.

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MP3 File run time Today, we're talking about his book and its provocative title — what do you mean patients don't come first? Paul also co-founded the Inc. Small Giants Community , an organization that brings together leaders who are focused on values-based business principles. Paul is a sought-after speaker and author on leadership, employee engagement, entrepreneurship, corporate culture, and customer relationships. He makes frequent radio and TV appearances and writes columns on culture for Inc. Magazine and the Dallas Business Journal.

The reason: We all know that in a new era of supposed accountability for hospitals and healthcare systems, the patient is supposed to be the first priority. That should have been the case despite whatever financial methodology is being used, but, perverse incentives being what they are, maintaining volumes became more important than maintaining patients' health. That's one reason the title, as healthcare embarks slowly, haltingly, into a new era, is so shocking. But the two authors are being strategically provocative, to shed light on the fact that healthcare culture is often dysfunctional enough that in itself, it harms patient care. And that bothers them.

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