Is time to go home

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is time to go home

When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, Its Time to Go Home by Erma Bombeck

Having often enjoyed Ermas one liners that entirely sum up an experience or observation, I was surprised to find I didnt enjoy this audiobook with story after story of whining and complaining about travel to exotic places.

At this point in my life, I guess Ive changed, but Ermas observations struck me more as entitled whining. Travelling with someone like this would be less about laughter and more about endurance. Does nothing make you happy? Cant you open your eyes and see the wonders of the world? Cant you appreciate other cultures?

The characterizations of the americans that shes travelled with were unfortunately still true stereotypes but the characterizations of people in the countries they were visiting alternated between rude and racist. I kept cringing about ugly americans abroad.

Didnt laugh as much as I would have 2o years ago. I have loved Erma Bombeck for most of my life but I realize her humor is somewhat dated now.

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It's Time to Go Home

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This big trip has been a blast the most fun year of my life, by a wide margin. For about the first nine months of my trip I felt like I could keep traveling the world non-stop in perpetuity if fortune allowed me to do so. Long-term travel is, in a word, awesome. My everyday life is something that many people dream about. Why would I want to give this up?

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