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kingdom hearts 358 2 days images

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days #3 by Shiro Amano

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When Xion loses her Keyblade, its Roxass job to make sure no one finds out. As long as the two can go on missions together, no one will know that its Roxas collecting all the hearts. But will Demyx blow their little secret? And when the Organization issues an order to Xion to capture an outsider masquerading as one of its members, who will come out on top in the ensuing battle?!
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Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days - Dearly Beloved [Extended w/ DL Link]

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Shiro Amano

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I went full on into this manga expecting it to be a feels trip like the game was, but the conclusion left me feeling nothing different instead of empty inside. It was more emotional than other entries in the series because of many factors, so I expected the manga to be the same. I was sort of disappointed with how the manga panned out, but it had to cram in hours of gameplay and story into 35 chapters. There were some issues with the manga like the cartoony style interfering with emotional moments, and how little content was covered in comparison with the game. Going into this manga blind without knowing anything about Kingdom Hearts will definitely leave someone confused. Roxas only came into existence when Sora turned into a Heartless in the first game, and when a Heartless is born from someone, a Nobody is spawned as well. Their ultimate demise is to disappear forever once slain.

As the name suggests, the game takes place over the course of nearly a year. It also introduces Xion, a previously unmentioned 14th member that can also use the Keyblade and has an appearance similar to Kairi, Sora's Love Interest. Due to the game's seeming lack of a central antagonist and the Disney elements being heavily downplayed, it largely focuses on developing Roxas' friendship with Axel and Xion and characterizing the other Organization members. Rather than simply exploring worlds in one go, Roxas is sent on various missions by the Organization that require frequent visitations, with the plot unfolding as the missions are undertaken. Roxas's items, abilities, and spells are all equipped via a Grid Inventory that slowly expands as the game progresses, which leads to some minor Inventory Management Puzzle aspects. There's also a local multiplayer option called Mission Mode that utilizes the Nintendo DS's wireless capabilties. Up to 4 players can team up to tackle altered versions of select story missions while competing for points, with options such as Friendly Fire to make things more interesting if desired.

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The Destiny Islands are a beautiful paradise where children's laughter abounds. Day after day, Sora, Riku, and Kairi talk and dream of new places, new worlds beyond their islands. They ponder the usual questions that adolescents do - about the world outside, about their own existence. Little do they know a great destiny awaits them. One stormy night, a terrible darkness invades Destiny Islands. Thus does their journey begin

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