The glad game pollyanna quotes

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the glad game pollyanna quotes

Pollyanna Quotes by Eleanor H. Porter

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Pollyanna Quotes

In this classic film, based on the book of the same name by Eleanor H. Porter , Pollyanna , a perky, flaxen-haired young girl, moved to live with her Aunt Polly after being orphaned. From the very beginning of her arrival, Pollyanna spread good cheer. When the little girl met with resistance from her dour Aunt and some skeptical townspeople, the child explained the glad game that her father taught her before he died. As a result of this lesson, she encouraged the grown-ups to dig down deep in their mature inner selves and unlock a personal gratitude.

I love the quotes you've selected. Pollyanna was one of my favorite books as a child and my sister and I played the glad game for a while after reading it. Sweet memories :.
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Pollyanna (2003) [FULL MOVIE]

All that most people know about Pollyanna is that calling someone that name is not a good thing. It is an effective way to discourage someone from undertaking something overly optimistic. The reference dismisses optimism as a way to support health and happiness and build success. But few people know the full story and I suggest that Pollyanna was not an optimist at all. Pollyanna is the main character in the novel Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter, published in and the basis for a Disney movie. The title character is a young girl who, after both her parents have died, is sent to live with her only remaining relative, a reclusive and stern aunt, who reluctantly takes her into her home. To everyone she meets, Pollyanna explains "the glad game" that her father taught her before he died.

A century after the publication of Pollyanna , the novel offers a handy mascot for the modern happiness obsession. That "simple little book" was Pollyanna , which marks its centennial this month to remarkably little fanfare, considering the enduring name recognition of its heroine. The novel became a bestseller immediately, with new printings ordered at least monthly for a year. It spawned 12 sequels, a Broadway production starring Helen Hayes, and a popular board game. What was all the fuss about? The book opens with poor, orphaned Pollyanna Whittier arriving in a small Vermont town to live with her wealthy Aunt Polly, "forty now, and quite alone in the world.

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