Trail of tears erased from textbooks

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trail of tears erased from textbooks

Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation by John Ehle

One of the many ironies of U.S. government policy toward Indians in the early 1800s is that it persisted in removing to the West those who had most successfully adapted to European values. As whites encroached on Cherokee land, many Native leaders responded by educating their children, learning English, and developing plantations. Such a leader was Ridge, who had fought with Andrew Jackson against the British. As he and other Cherokee leaders grappled with the issue of moving, the land-hungry Georgia legislatiors, with the aid of Jackson, succeeded in ousting the Cherokee from their land, forcing them to make the arduous journey West on the infamous Trail of Tears. (Library Journal)
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Snopes needs your help! Learn more. When the European settlers arrived, they need land to live on.
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Trail of tears erased textbook isler

A few states are leading the way toward making history instruction more inclusive—and more accurate. Her research focuses on the representation of indigenous peoples in social studies standards and education. I am often asked this, particularly because I'm not indigenous. I was interested in their histories. I also I remember not learning about those cultures in school. This transformed into more complex thinking about American history, colonialism and the power of imperialism as I grew older. Now, I've transitioned into thinking about how young people learn about indigenous cultures.

The textbook, which was apparently supposed to teach third graders about Canadian history, presented a stunningly whitewashed interpretation of European colonialism. While there is an understandable need to phrase potentially complex historical concepts, this revisionist history is simply inaccurate — and perpetuates a narrative of white charitable conquest. There are certainly other ways to explain how European settlers unjustly stole land from people who were there first at a third grade-level. But revision was not enough, because, duh! Now the Ontario-based company will recall the book, per a statement released on Facebook. Interaction, again, is an extremely benign descriptor, but what can you expect from a company that okayed such glaringly whitewashed text? The A.

In children's books across the world, history is being tampered with and forgotten. As everyone knows, the Trail of Tears is a collection of routes.
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  1. Did a Children's Textbook Say Canada's First Nations 'Moved' to Make Room for European Settlers?

  2. Following searing indignation across social media, a Canadian publisher will recall a textbook that rather obliquely claimed First Nations and Indigenous people happily “agreed to” move for European settlers. The textbook, which was apparently supposed to teach third graders about.

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