Letter to a girl best friend

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letter to a girl best friend

Letters from my heart - Letters: Send a letter to your best friend. Showing 1-13 of 13

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Published 27.06.2019

Leaving My Girlfriend With ONLY A GoodBye Letter...

Dear Best Friend,. I think you deserve the world, yet somehow I don't think you always see that. But I want you to know, I often find my own self wondering what I .

An Open Letter To My Best Friend: You Deserve The World

It is very good to have a friend in your life, and the best thing to do when you have a best friend in your life. These are emotional letters for your best friend that will keep them close to you for the rest of their lives. All I know is that, ever since you came into my life, everything that concerns me changed and even people thought that we are dating, they are unaware that we are best of friends. You have been the best friend that I have ever gotten and trust me, I think so many people would appreciate it if you can be their best friend as well. I want to use this opportunity to appreciate your efforts towards me and for correcting all my wrongs and mistakes with love and care. If I have another life to offer to you, I would do it without hesitation. Thanks so much for everything you have done for me including the way you saved my life severally.

To me, I see this incredible person who amazes me on a daily basis. Someone who is generous and kind and compassionate. I see a mother giving it her all—day in and day out. No matter what. And I just wanted to take a second to acknowledge what a gift you are. To me, and to your family. You wish your belly was flat and hate the thought of putting a bathing suit on.

Parhlo will not be liable for any false, inaccurate, inappropriate or incomplete information presented on the website. Read our disclaimer. I never thought I would have to talk to you through a letter that might never reach your doorstep but I have developed a bad habit of sharing everything with you so, here I am to share a sad leaf of my life-story with you. You are familiar with every emotion of mine and sometimes I even wonder if I know myself as much as you do. I still remember the first time we met, do you? Do you remember the time we ran after each other on your birthday to throw cream on each other? My stomach still hurts while laughing when I recall how you were looking all covered in cream.

Thank you for the constant positivity within my own life. Your positivity is a ray of light that not even the darkest cloud can take away. You make.
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Best friends are there for your ups and downs and you have been by my side through it all. You are the one who keeps me going and motivates me to do my best. When days are gloomy, you are the one who makes them shine. You bring out the real me and let me be myself without judging. You are the one that I turn to for absolutely everything. You are the one who I automatically think of when I see something crazy happen or want to just blab on and on.

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