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sophie hannah new poirot novel

New Hercule Poirot Mysteries Series by Sophie Hannah

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Published 02.07.2019

Sophie Hanna continues Agatha Christie's legacy with new Hercule Poirot mystery!

HarperCollins has bagged two further Hercule Poirot novels by crime writer.

'Why I wrote a new Agatha Christie book'

Followed by of our members. Sophie Hannah b. Culver Valley Crime 1. Little Face 2. Kind of Cruel 8.

By Hannah Furness. The novel, which will be the 34th full-length book in the Poirot series, does not yet have a title and is due out in September next year. Would my unfashionable parents survive a modern gaze? Authors who reprise the greats need a bold touch. Don't mess with Barbara Cartland. Mr Prichard, chairman of Agatha Christie Ltd, said he hoped the novels would allow readers to revisit their favourite Poirot books as well as introducing them to a new generation. Poirot made his first outing in a Christie novel in the The Mysterious Affair at Styles, and went on to appear in two plays and more than 50 short stories written by the author.

Hercule Poirot is back with new mysteries to solve, thanks to novelist Sophie Hannah, who explains to Jane Corry how she revived Agatha Christie's most famous sleuth. Fate decided that Sophie Hannah should write Agatha Christie continuation novels, featuring the famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. Or so it seems. I was instantly hooked. But nothing could have prepared Sophie for the extraordinary set of coincidences which took place some years later when she was an established published author of contemporary bestselling psychological thrillers such as Little Face. Then, the very next day, my agent had a meeting with the publishers Harper Collins who happened to mention that the Christie estate was actively considering asking someone to write a new Poirot story.

Literary reboots can be tricky. Some are met with indignation bordering on outrage. Wodehouse in a new Jeeves and Wooster novel.
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This month, sitting in a London cafe, his famous moustache exquisite, his little grey cells as busy as ever, Hercule Poirot made his first authorised appearance in a novel since Agatha Christie published Curtain , 39 years ago., Sophie Hannah's new Poirot, review: recalls the best of Agatha Christie.

We introduce the criminally-good Poirot continuation stories, written by Sophie Hannah. Three murder victims are found at the Bloxham Hotel, with monogrammed cufflinks in their mouths. It is clear the cases are linked, but how? Lady Playford has invited an interesting assortment of guests to her house in County Cork. Once they are assembled, she intends to announce her new will. But why has she invited Poirot, and Inspector Catchpool, when she has never met either of them before?

The book, which has been fully authorised by the Christie estate, now managed by Acorn Productions Ltd, will be published by HarperCollins in September It is the first ever Christie "continuation" novel to be written. She is also a poet and has been shortlisted for the T S Eliot Prize. She said: "It was Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple who, between them, made me want to devote my working life to crime fiction, and it was Christie's brilliant plotting and deep understanding of the human psyche that shaped my identity as a crime writer. Her agent happened to approach HarperCollins in exactly the same week that my colleagues and I had started discussing a new Christie book.

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  1. Sophie Hannah is an internationally bestselling author of crime fiction. SOPHIE'S GRIPPING NEW POIROT NOVEL.

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