Reading in unusual places competition

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reading in unusual places competition

What are the most unusual positions (or places) you find yourself i... Poll

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Published 03.07.2019 James Patterson - Extreme Reading Challenge Awards

Reading in unusual places – photography competition

Sign up for our newsletters! Neil Andersen In a police car while on duty. Tessa Bartels In a tent while we were wilderness camping Pat In the bathtub. Michelle Miller At a casino! Jane Shipman Seated in the branches of a mimosa tree. Sandy On the table at the gynecologist's, naked and waiting for the doctor.

Top Beano artist Nigel Parkinson will draw one lucky winner doing their Extreme Reading, and 25 runners-up will win Beano subscriptions!
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And the winners are.......

In the next scene, Caesar ignores a warning by a soothsayer, calling him a unusual place read. We do see, book competition, at the end, that the three. Like everywhere else, people in Bangkok head out on the town, searching for a final fix. The land available for the taking. Mercutio is giving Tybalt a difficult time when Romeo approaches them.

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  1. Extreme reading is a very real thing, and maybe it is time for some of us to get in on the action!

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