Daily bible reading guide 2016

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daily bible reading guide 2016

Daily Bible, with Devotional Insights to Guide You Through Gods Word: NIV by Anonymous

In this bestselling and much-loved chronological presentation of the NIV Bible, God’s story unfolds before readers each new day, giving a new appreciation of God’s plan for their lives. Reading the Bible becomes a fresh, living experience.

The Daily Bible® offers these helpful features:

* The New International Version…the most popular modern version of Scripture, a highly respected and understandable translation.
* Chronological/Historical arrangement of every book of the Bible…lets readers easily understand God’s redemptive plan as they read from creation to Revelation in the order the events actually occurred.
* Devotional commentary…leads smoothly through Scripture, painting the scene for what is about to be read with historical and spiritual insights.
* 365 convenient daily reading segments…arranged so all of God’s Word can be read in one year.
* Topical arrangements for Proverbs and Ecclesiastes enables readers to focus on specific aspects of God’s Wisdom.
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Should you use a Bible reading plan?

Daily Reading for Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

Do you plan to read your Bible regularly in ? A great place to begin is with a Bible reading plan. Haphazard reading will always be just that — haphazard. If you have a plan, then you have direction and structure. Each of these 5 Bible reading plans below is for a full year. Some are more time-intensive than others. Look at each of them and pick one that will challenge you but not overwhelm you.

Unfortunately, he is a bit too hospitable with these envoys! He believes showing off his wealth will prove that he has worldly power and that the Babylonians will respect him and Judah. How about us, in our lives today — do we try to impress people with our worldly wealth or toys or stuff, like Hezekiah was trying to impress the Babylonians? And further, do we actually try to rely on this worldly stuff rather than rely on God? You'll notice that our readings in Isaiah today take on a new tone in chapter Isaiah chapters 1 through 35 were prophesies against Judah and Jerusalem, chapters 36 through 39 were prophesies against Assyria and a foretelling of the rise of Babylon, and now in chapters 40 through 66 we will be reading about Judah and Jerusalem as if the Babylonian exile was nearly over.

Bingham Dec 26, Category: Articles. Maybe in you will read more of the Bible each day. Read through the New Testament in a year, reading Monday to Friday. Weekends are set aside for reflection and other reading. Read through the Bible at your own pace. Read through the Bible one chapter at a time.

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  1. As you read the Bible each day, allow the Scriptures to speak to you. This daily " dialogue" between you and the biblical text will reveal new understandings.

  2. DAILY BIBLE. READING GUIDE. Jesus said: “I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.” John b (Good News Translation).

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