1000 books to read checklist

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1000 books to read checklist

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (1316 books)

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Published 04.07.2019

How Bill Gates reads books

The list is the same list as harryandrewmiller.com " Books to Read Before You Die presents my own list of essential.
Harper Lee

The 1001 Book List

We use cookies to recognize you when you return to this website so you do not have to log in again. By continuing to use this site, you are giving us your consent to do this. You can read more about our practices and your choices here. What books should everyone read before they die? You can browse my list below, and make your own by agreeing with me or adding your own choices. To read a lot more of what I have to say about each of my 1,, buy the book. For regular updates, subscribe to my newsletter.

When Mustich began the project 14 years ago, he was initially overwhelmed by the gargantuan scale of it, despite his decades of experience as a hands-on book-seller. For two decades, from , he published a catalogue called The Common Reader — a monthly commentary on books old and new — which was clearly the precursor to 1, Books. But I knew I wanted to make something that was more than a list, or a static reference book. It had to be a tool for exploration, with some serendipity and surprises thrown in, and I also wanted it to be fun for readers. What if, Mustich thought, he had a bookstore that could hold only 1, volumes? Not just books for the ages, but books for the immediate moment, the kind to be picked up and devoured in just one night?

We hope to have covered all versions , and of the list now. If you spot any errors, please just drop us an email and we will double check and make any corrections needed. Please note: Because there is substantial differences between the and lists, there may be a bit of awkwardness around the numbering and the century in which it was published. So please bear with us on that score as we try out how best to list those books. Each book already reviewed here at Book Reviews has a link directly to the review post. Books that currently have readers in progress can be viewed in bold type.

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Mustich explained the background of his project, saying he has been a book lover since his young adult life. He was able to be around books and to write about books on a deadline. These catalogues had hundreds of thousands of readers, who would send back letters commenting on certain novels, sending recommendations and overall creating a book-lover community. Mustich does not want his book to be a structured list of titles to read; that would be daunting and difficult to organize. He compared his book to a travel guide. When one is writing a travel book, it is easily organized into continents. He could have written about the best classics of all time, the most influential books of all time or the best sellers of all time.

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  1. What books should everyone read before they die? 1, Books to Read Before You Die presents my own list of essential reading. What's on yours? You can.

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