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Stop Dont Read This by Leonora Rustamova

Leonora Rustamova, affectionately known by her students as Ms Rusty, is a former teacher who was sacked for writing a controversial story featuring reluctant readers from her unteachable class. It hit the UK news and tongues were waggling. Was her sacking the right decision? Read this book and decide for yourself.

Rustamovas book Stop! Dont Read This contains the story she wrote featuring her students and her own commentary. It is really obvious from what she writes that Rustamova is a passionate teacher and loved her class of so-called unteachables. She writes from the heart about the awkward situation she found herself in by the education authority. If you are thinking of becoming a teacher you should definitely try this.
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Read “STOP DON'T READ THIS”, by Leonora Rustamova online on Bookmate – To keep five disaffected teenage lads in her YR 11 class in school, their teacher.
Leonora Rustamova

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F or the five teenage "unteachables" in the class, sitting still was a challenge, never mind reading. But when their teacher, Leonora Rustamova , began to write her own stories, based on them and a fictional account of their lives, they were gripped. She wrote what quickly became a book in her own time, at weekends and on holidays, and promised to read them a chapter every Friday afternoon if they got through a week without any of them being excluded. The work "Miss Rusty" was doing to engage troubled and school-phobic year-olds first gained her a promotion. Then dismissal. After 11 years as a teacher at Calder high school in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, Rustamova was sacked when the book was made available on the internet, a decision upheld by an industrial tribunal in Leeds that threw out her claim for unfair dismissal by a majority decision of two to one. I still feel as though I am in some kind of dual reality," she told the Observer.

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