Books to read before going to ireland

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books to read before going to ireland

Books set in Dublin, Ireland (100 books)

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Irish YA Novels you NEED to read - YA Friday

If Ireland is on your list of places to go, take some time to read this combination of Irish authors, history, memoirs, and fictional tales before your travels. Reading about a country you will soon explore will make your adventures rich with knowledge and more fulfilling. Ulysses is considered to be one of the most important works of Modernist literature.
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books to read before visiting Ireland - Dublin Forum

Crack open one of these best books on Ireland and get inspired to go there. These nineteen great Irish reads really deliver on a strong sense of place, moody drama and classic Irish humor. As a former bookseller, I appreciate the value of personalized book recommendations. This list of books about Ireland has been curated from my own reading list as well as recommendations from Irish authors and booksellers. These books are full of themes like love and loss, drifting families, the Irish diaspora, old enmity and chafing social structures.

Planning a trip? Get a flavour for the country with our list of the best books to read about Ireland. Set at the turn of the 20th century, Trinity tells the story of intertwining families and a love story that crosses the social and religious boundaries between them: The Larkins are Catholic hill farmers from Donegal. The MacLeods are Protestants shipyard workers from Belfast. The book centres on Conor Larkin, a young idealistic Catholic rebel. Conor falls for a valiant and beautiful Protestant girl who defies her heritage to join the Republican cause.

The Spinning Heart gives us a kaleidoscopic view of rural and small-town Ireland in the years after the economic crash. Donal Ryan knows everything about his characters: not just their hopes, dreams and disappointments, but also the numbers on their payslips and social security cheques. He is a generous writer and the book is filled with light and shade, love and tragedy. There is, for a young male writer, very little disgust. Ryan also believes in the redemptive power of narrative and makes big stories out of small lives in a way that is almost operatic in much the same as way JM Synge was operatic. Strong emotions, indelible family ties, forensic social detail: if it was a song you could sing it, especially on a day like this.


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To learn more about Ireland past and present, check out some of these books and films. And see our similar lists for elsewhere in Europe. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Share. This evocative memoir documents an Irish family's struggles during the Great Depression. Are You Somebody? A woman steps out of the traditional shoes she was always told to fill.

Any suggestions for airplane reading on the way? My mom recommended "Angela's Ashes" This question is asked fairly regularly on the Ireland Forums. Here's a few previous threads with some suggestions:. Please don't read Angelas Ashes as your intro to Ireland on the flight over; you may just want the aircraft to take you straight back home on landing. It tells the story of the relationship between the playwright J M Synge and an actress at the Abbey Theatre.

Before you go on your trip to Ireland, you want to get inspired about this raw and enchanting place and really make the most of your trip. Luckily, Irish writing is among the very best in the world. What follows is our personal recommendation of the ten best books that will help you take your visit to the next level. Start your travel adventures by following the footsteps of another. This excellent travel log follows Pete, an English guy born to an Irish mother and an English father.

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